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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (6) Union Street Vs. (11) The Publick House

Via Waferboard's twitter.
Via Waferboard's twitter.

First round competition continues today with the 6 vs.11 matchup between Union St. and The Publick House. Voting is still open in the very close in the battle Harry's Bar & Grille and the Avenue. The rest of the tournament bracket is here.

#6 Union St.

Unlike all of the other bars on this list, Union St. is the only bar that is actually not in Boston. Located near Newton Centre, it's a great place to bring parents during Parent's Weekend. Great pub food, a solid beer selection, and I don't know if they still do it, but they had an "all you can eat buffalo wing" special during Monday Night Football that was hard to beat. The bar consists of three floors, the top being a mix of pub/bar, the second being all bar and the bottom is where you go if you want to have a sit down meal. They have events on Friday and Saturday nights, they also have outdoor seating which is clutch during the beautiful New England springs. Many BC students have trouble getting to Union St. because it is not T accessible, or within walking distance (unless you REALLY like to walk), so many students spend their four years at the Heights without ever setting foot inside the bar. Which is a shame, because Union St. should be a must see before graduation.

#11 The Publick House

The only true Belgian Pub on the list, the Publick House is a great place for truly unique beer. For those of you that graduated more than five years ago, you may remember the Publick House as "Anam Cara" before they changed names. The Publick House is a great place to listen to music or watch a BC football game. Like Union St. there is outdoor seating and it's a great pregame place before a game. True to it's Belgian beer garden roots, the Publick House has a huge selection of craft beers such as Brooklyn and Berkshire Brewing Company and the list always changes. A pint may be more expensive than some of the other bars on the list, but you are paying for quality, not quantity. Food is here and again follows the pub fare classics with cheese boards and croquettes.