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Reviewing Our 2010 Boston College Football Predictions

Brian: Hard to believe, but we are (finally) within two months of kickoff for the 2011 college football season. Let's review our 2010 predictions for BC football.

Not many Superfans saw last year's five-game losing streak coming. But even with that particularly bad five-game stretch of football, our 2010 predictions (herehere and here) weren't all that hot, Jeff. Here's a look at how we did in 2010:

Weber State -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
Kent State -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
Virginia Tech -- Loss (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
Notre Dame -- Loss (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
at N.C. State -- Loss (Brian Win, Jeff Loss)
at Florida State -- Loss (Brian Loss, Jeff Loss)
Maryland -- Loss (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
Clemson -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
at Wake Forest -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
at Duke -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
Virginia -- Win (Brian Win, Jeff Win)
at Syracuse -- Win (Brian Loss, Jeff Win)

For those keeping track at home, that means I went just 7-5 while you went 9-3. Go ahead. Here's your opportunity to gloat. Go for it.

Jeff: I am surprised that my usually overly optimistic self was more correct with last year's preseason predictions than you were when I know entering the season you not nearly as confident that Shinskie could develop into a decent ACC QB as I was.

Brian: Which one of your 2010 predictions are you most ashamed of?

Jeff: The Virginia Tech and Maryland games were really close and could've gone either way so I can't really be ashamed of either pick. The Notre Dame game was not as close as we were hoping for and of course BC came out on the wrong side of that one. But I don't blame myself for picking BC to beat Notre Dame at home prior to the season beginning. Also if Chase had not gotten hurt, maybe he could have gotten something going and mounted a comeback. If I had to choose one though, I should've picked BC to lose to Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech went on to win the conference once again which is not too surprising and BC, somewhat predictably, was not exactly in Orange Bowl form last season.

Brian: With a 2011 schedule that is much more difficult than it was last season, do you expect to be again bullish on the Eagles chances this season? Or do you think you'll temper expectations a bit heading into August / prediction time?

Jeff: I'd really like to do predictions with the opportunity to revise after the opener against Northwestern. BC may very well be headed towards a 9-3 season this year as I had predicted for them last season, but not if they lose to Northwestern. I think we'll beat 2 of the 3 Florida schools we play this season, UCF and one other. I do think we'll beat Northwestern and win at Clemson and Maryland. 9-3 is very possible with road losses at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech but we'll have to either sweep at home or only lose to Florida State. I think I'll go 8-4 for now though, as we might pick up a win at Notre Dame but we also might lose two out of the N.C. State, Maryland, Clemson and Miami-type games. 8-4 it is for now. A good showing in the opener though and I immediately go up to 9-3.