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Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest And Boston College Football: Who Would Win?

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The Fourth of July is a great time in American culture for many reasons -- fireworks, BBQ, beers, great times with friends and of course binge eating. Nothing exemplifies America's excesses and glutinous behavior more than the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest held each year at Coney Island.

Every year we all watch in horror and amazement as dozens of competitors woof down piles of hot dogs, and gasp when the winner almost always is the smallest competitor. Nathan's is the crown jewel of competitive eating, but could a BC football player or alumni enter the mix? If so which player do you think has the best chances of winning it?

1. Luke Kuechly -- Not necessarily the biggest guy on the team, he has the heart and determination to do things guys his size shouldn't be able to do, like eating 50 hot dogs in 5 minutes. You go ahead and tell him that he doesn't have a chance of winning the belt. I dare you.

2. Dave Shinskie -- Baseball didn't seem to be his cup of tea, and football might not be the best choice for him either. Could he find his calling in competitive eating? Maybe. He does bear a striking resemblance to Joey Chestnut too.

3.  BJ Raji -- After having a spectacular post season, and gaining the nickname "Fridge" Raji looks like he would be a slam dunk at gorging on hot dogs. Plus the dude has the space to put those dogs, look at that stomache. Plus training for the competition would give him something to do during the lockout.

4. Dan Koppen -- A grizzled champion, Koppen has the pedigree to win this. Plus, like BJ Raji he has the space to put all that food. Koppen also has the looks of a guy that could go to Eagle's Deli and destroy the Godzilla Burger Challenge without blinking an eye.

5. Frank Spaziani -- Coach Spaz has all the appearances of a guy that had to clean his plate as a kid. Italian, he most likely grew up in a strict household where no food went to waste. Best guess is if you threw 50 hot dogs in front of him he'd be part of the clean plate club.

Any other BC players past or present that you think would give Kobayashi a run for his money? Well enough of this silliness. Happy Fourth of July from Brian, Jeff, Conrad and myself.

Go Eagles!