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Restoring Balance To The Boston College-Virginia Tech Series? And The Big Finish

Wrapping up Virginia Tech week ...

Brian: The Boston College-Virginia Tech series on the gridiron has been one of the better rivalries in the conference post-expansion. The Eagles and Hokies met six times in the span of four years after BC made the ACC 12 teams. BC got the best of the Hokies in the 2007 and 2008 regular season games, only to lose the rematch in the ACC Championship Game. In the last two years, the series has been owned by Virginia Tech, who rolled up 67 points on the Eagles while only giving up two touchdowns in garbage time in 2009.

With the series returning to Blacksburg -- the site of the aforementioned 48-14 Eagles beatdown in 2009 -- do you see a return to more competitive football between BC and Virginia Tech this season? Your thoughts?

Jeff: As you know I have been to every BC game in Blacksburg since 2003. Going in 2009 was very painful and it is likely that I will end that streak I have going this season. It is tough to be completely out of the game so quickly when you travel to see the Eagles play. There was absolutely nothing to cheer about in 2009 and it was certainly the worst Eagles game I've been in attendance for.

Unfortunately, I don't predict the Eagles taking this game down to the wire this season. I certainly hope it will be better than two seasons ago where the team basically failed to gain a yard in the first half and wasn't all that much better on defense. But the competitiveness can be a ton better and the Eagles still might not be in a position to win in the forth quarter. Basically, this game is the one I think the Eagles have the least chance of winning this season.


Big Finish

Brian: There are (were?) fairly high preseason expectations for North Carolina this season. Does the firing of Butch Davis change your prediction for the Heels in 2011?

Jeff: Yes, the timing especially makes me think their season will take a hit.


Jeff: ATL used the words Spaz and optimistic in the same sentence yet I agree with him. Do you?

Brian: He has his flashes of optimism, but there's still too many excuses for my liking.


Brian: As part of Big Ten media days, Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald proudly reported "Dan Persa is 100%." Does this decrease your confidence in BC winning the season opener?

Jeff: Not really as I was expecting him to be back and ready to go all along.


Jeff: Do you like how HD uses the BC beat Syracuse at Syracuse without Montel Harris to win the ACC > Big East argument?

Brian: HD could have just used the argument that a team like Syracuse was in the running for the Big East's BCS auto bid in early November.


Brian: According to the Star-Ledger, Giants owner John Mara 'suggested' that the Giants sign Mark Herzlich. Where was Mara's influence on Draft day? 

Jeff: Right? It still doesn't add up to me that he went undrafted but hopefully everything will work out for him in the end.


Jeff: Speaking of Herzy, how about the fact that he's going to the one team where a fellow Eagle wears your number?

Brian: Well, it was Kiwanuka's number at BC before it was Herzlich's, after all.


Brian: Last one. As we near the end of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft project, which non-Twelve Pack conference is looking the best to you?

Jeff: That is a tough question but I'll have to go with The Cult of Les Miles. I think they have several good picks in there even though they have several I disagree with. So they are the best of the worst.