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The Twelve Pack Goes To Eleven: SBN Conference Re-Draft Project

Twelve Pack Map 11
Twelve Pack Map 11

Making the rounds, recapping reactions from the Twelve Pack's 10th and 11th round selections ...

Minnesota was Finally Drafted in the SBN Conference Re-Draft (The Daily Gopher)
"We were finally picked up and there is no doubt that we are the S.O.D. We join the 12-Pack conference and we get to maintain our rivalry with Wisconsin. We also have one heck of a basketball conference getting one of the best of the Big 12 (Texas), best of the ACC (Duke), best of the Pac-12 (UCLA) and then we add Wisconsin, Washington and Purdue."

The Twelve Pack Goes To Eleven: SBN Conference Re-Draft Project (Bruins Nation)
"As you can see, from top to bottom, no conference has better markets, bigger revenues, higher academics, more championships, better non-rev sports, and all around excellence (including co-eds) than the Twelve Pack. This conference goes to eleven."

SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Update: "The 12 Pack" Nears Completion (Dawg Sports)
"The trend toward selecting large universities with quality academics near significant television markets continued with the University of Minnesota, and Purdue University brings to the table basketball and football programs that have improved considerably in the last 20 years, situated at an institution that is tied with the University of Georgia in the national academic rankings. In addition, Ross-Ade Stadium was the largest on-campus stadium available at the start of the eleventh round, and the Gophers have solid revenues and quality hockey to complement the 12 Pack institutions that do not share our devotion to college baseball. To each his own, but the league continues to be an eclectic conference offering strong programs in a variety of sports."

It's on to the 12th round for the Twelve Pack. Here are the FBS programs left on the board:

ACC (1) -- Wake Forest
Big 12 (3) -- Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas State
Big East (1) -- Rutgers
Big Ten (1) -- Northwestern
Independents (2) -- Army, Navy
Mountain West (7) -- Air Force, Colorado State, Fresno State, Nevada, San Diego State, UNLV
SEC (1) -- Mississippi State
Pac-12 (1) -- Washington State

Plus all programs in Conference USA, the MAC and the Sun Belt, what's left of the WAC and FBS upstarts UMass, Villanova, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio, South Alabama and the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs.

Bruins Nation wants to know who we are picking in round 12. Who will be left? How many teams should we select (up to 16)? Vote now and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

"The Twelve Pack will pick again at number 72? Who should we pick? How many should we pick total? If there is one thing we have learned from the Big XII, or the Big X for that matter, it's that the number in your conference name does not have to equal the number of schools in your conference. But, once you are outside of the Twelve Pack, math is hard. Should the Twelve Pack be a 14-Pack? A Suitcase? A full case? You tell us..."