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Nebraska And Iowa Start "Heroes Game": How About Naming Some Of BC's Rivalries?

This morning during Big Ten Media Day the conference announced the name of a new rivalry, "The Heroes Game". No this isn't a game between Army and Navy, this is a game that will be played between Iowa and Nebraska. Doesn't have the same ring as the "Backyard Brawl", "Red River Rivalry" or even the "Iron Bowl," now does it? It has been discussed numerous times here that BC should really play up their rivalries in order to drive up interest in the team.  Of course there is the "Holy War" between the Eagles and Fighting Irish, but what about some of our rivalries? Could we get some nicknames for some of our favorite opponents?


Miami Hurricanes -- Miami has basically owned the Eagles in this matchup, holding a 23-4 edge in the series.  But unlike most other non Virginia Tech opponents, this rivalry goes back the longest for the Eagles. Plus BC has the "Hail Flutie" game, which must count for like 10 wins.

Some suggested rivalry names: The Black Friday Battle (if we keep the game after Thanksgiving) or Sun and Snow Wars

Syracuse Orange -- Harking back to the Eagles days in the Big East, these two schools have had some epic battles including the infamous Diamond Ferri game in 2004. With the Orange scheduled until 2021, the two schools can really try and play up this rivalry. Both schools are in the same geographic region, one that really doesn't have a distinct rivalry within it.  

Some possible names could include: The Foliage Brawl or Battle for the Northeast

Virginia Tech Hokies -- Another rivalry that goes back to the Big East days, and also mostly owned by the Hokies. Virginia Tech leads this series 13-6, with memorable games including the 2007 and 2008 ACC Championship Games as well as the Matt Ryan Miracle in Blacksburg game.

Humble suggestions: The Frank Bowl (Get it?), AARP Presents Frank Spaziani and Frank Beamer, The Big East Memorial Game (winner automatically gets the Big East BCS bid)


Those were just three of Boston College's natural rivalries and some of my serious/humorous/lame suggestions for them. The "Heroes Game" created by the Big Ten is pretty corny, kind of like their division names they created earlier this year. I bet you the readers could come up with some great names for the rivalry games of the Eagles. What have you got?