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Boston College Needs A Sepak Takraw Team (Kung Fu Volleyball!)

What if I told you there was an emerging sport for the hardcore athlete -- a sport that combined aspects of volleyball, soccer, badminton and martial arts. Would that be something you were interested in? I mean, how could you not be interested?

I give you, Sepak Takraw.

This video of a Sepak Takraw match -- affectionately known as kung fu volleyball -- has gone viral on the YouTubes. With over 3.3 million views since July 17, it's only a matter of time before Sepak Takraw becomes the new "it" sport in North America.

After watching that video, Sepak Takraw seems to be a strange mixture of volleyball, indoor soccer, hackey sack, martial arts and badminton. If the sport is going to catch on in the States, that's a pretty good mix as the sport combines fringe sports that most Americans don't really care about.

Each Sepak Takraw team consists of just three players. When trying to think about Boston College athletes who might make good kung fu volleyball players, I've got to go with:

Even though the sport has been around quite some time and is very popular in the Malay-Thai Peninsula, it has been slow to catch on in the US. Though the Americans did send a team to the 1989 World Championships, so I suppose there's a chance this sport catches on (I mean, this sport seems infinitely more exciting than say, the MLS or NASCAR, am I right?).

Boston College should really get in on the ground floor here and start its own Sepak Takraw program. We've never been very good at women's volleyball, but have had some great soccer teams over the past few years and we obviously have quite a few athletes that could excel at the sport. Let's make it happen, Gene!