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Boston College Daily Links: Larmond Jr. Back At Full Speed

Mark Herzlich's last step in recovery from cancer is a return to the field for Boston College (New York Daily News)
Herzlich wears his hope on his wrist. Not to be lost in the Silly Bands from a quarterback and an offensive lineman wrapped above his right hand is a yellow bracelet in the fashion of Lance Armstrong's Livestrong brand. It reads: Team Mark Herzlich. On top, another reads: "Pray until something happens."

Larmond Ready For Impact (Eagle Action)
"I tell everyone all the time that I'm faster than I was before. The guys on the defense are always talking trash and saying that they can't let a guy with a knee brace beat them in races. I took a lot of those things into consideration when I was running so I didn't hold back and I let loose. I feel like I did pick up speed and I'm as fast if not faster than when I played last," said Larmond.

Cancer survivor Mark Herzlich signs contract (Boston Herald)
"We are excited to give him an opportunity to see if he can make it in this league," said Giants chief executive and co-owner John Mara. "He’s a great kid who has obviously been through a lot. I’m in favor of the signing and, in fact, I suggested it. We think of him as a prospect." 

ACC Preview (From The Rumble Seat)
Why do fans in the south always underestimate this team?  This should be another good BC team, but that game in November against the Noles will be key for them.  It will also be tough to get past Clemson and VPI on the road in October.  I think they will be 6-2, but could lose three times if they are not careful.

Another Year, Another Preseason Poll (Carolina March)
OK, the two of the top three POY candidates officially put me on the BC bandwagon. I think Rettig will improve, and everything else is in place for a decent season. They may have had a shot at winning the Atlantic if it wasn't for the three-game road stretch of Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Maryland in the middle of the season.

ACC Non-Conference Schedule Breakdown (Part 1 of 2) (Blogger So Dear)
Boston College has perhaps the hardest non-conference schedule in the ACC, with three of the four opponents having played in a bowl game in 2010. ... In a time where many teams are content to play the easiest schedule possible outside the conference, the Eagles should be commended for taking on such a tough schedule. 

2011 ACC Football Kickoff Rewind: Team by team (random) notes (ACC Blogger)
Spaziani is expecting Chase Rettig to take that next step this season, or the Eagles are in trouble. He talked about going from having no QBs and Dave Shinskie stepping in to fill the void a couple seasons ago. He said they’re "lightyears" ahead of where they started when he took over and with Kevin Rogers now in place to coach the position up.

7/26/11 draft: Final record in '11-'12 (BCDraft)
9-3. Maroon glasses on here, no doubting it our schedule ranks as the number 6 in the nation, and I definitely agree with it we have a hard road ahead of us..9-3 wouldn’t be great, but it would be good. I still believe 2012 is our year. But we will be able to have some good wins. Over the Irish, Miami, UCF and NWU

2011 BC football breakdown, Part VI: Center (Soaring to Glory)
The center position has been in the hands of two different starters since Matt Tennant moved on to the NFL after the 2009 season. Nathan Richman was moved from left guard to center, but that arrangement didn’t last the whole season, as Mark Spinney got the job from the Maryland game onward. We do know, however, that next year, the Eagles will hand the position to another man.