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Harry's Bar and Grille, Tear Down This Sign!

The Sign
The Sign

First the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, then the Berlin Wall was torn down, and now this. Harry's Bar and Grille has defeated the juggernaut White Horse, and the cursed "Play Like A Champion" sign will be taken down and destroyed. For the first time in history, we the people have enacted change for the common terms of bar decorations. Notre Dame has just lost a major stronghold in the Boston area, and patrons will never have to look at that replica of Irish tyranny ever again. With the end of era, come great opportunity for us, Boston College fans. The management at Harry's will allow us to create our own sign to take the place of the ND sign. But we must come together, and agree upon it. Didn't Abraham Lincoln once say "A house divided will fall?" 

Okay, enough of that. Readers, we need to come up with a sign. Something that really shows our pride in Boston College, and not so much bashing our rivalry with our sisters at Notre Dame. Yesterday we had some great ideas submitted via the site and Twitter. Also Brian, Jeff and myself came up with some other ideas. We want to know, what slogans do you like/dislike?

-- A framed picture of this
-- Something simple like: "Harry's Bar and Grille: The New Home for Boston College Superfans"
-- Drink like a champion today! (in BC colors)
-- A cartoon of Coach Spaziani with the caption "The Coach says 'Finish Your Beer' "
-- Just a simple BC Interruption logo

Those are just some of our ideas and I know for a fact that you can come up with better ones than us. If you have your own ideas for a sign, please put them in the comments. Keep the suggestions clean, Harry's does have families that eat there. We will bring this to a vote some time in August.