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Opening Lines For Boston College Games From The Las Vegas Hilton

Brian: In a positive sign that the college football season is rapidly approaching, the Las Vegas Hilton released opening lines for select 2011 college football games. Despite garnering a few title votes in the ACC Preseason Poll, the Eagles already find themselves significant dogs in two 2011 contests.

-- Florida State (-10) at Boston College (Nov. 3)
-- Boston College (+10) at Miami (Nov. 25)

What do you think of these two lines? Too high? Too low? Your thoughts?

Jeff: The Miami line doesn't really surprise me because that game is on the road. As for the Eagles' home game against Florida State, I thought the line might be a little smaller as in a touchdown or six points. With the line starting at 10 points already, if BC's season plays out at all the way we hope it to, it will only go down once we get to that game.

Brian: Any other opening lines stick out to you?

Jeff: The lines that stick out to me are some of the ACC's non-conference games. Thought it was pretty surprising that Florida State is only a 1 point underdog against Oklahoma. Oklahoma is expected to be favored in every one of their games this season. Meanwhile, Florida State is a small favorite against Florida at the Swamp.

The ACC line that sticks out to me the most is N.C. State as a dog at Cincinnati. Cincy is favored by three at home. I know you have said every time you get a chance that you fully expect N.C. State to go undefeated in their non-conference games. I did not expect them to be underdogs at Cincinnati this season either.

Outside of the ACC, I noticed that Air Force is a significant favorite at Navy, perhaps ending Navy's recent dominance of the service academies. LSU is only a 4 point favorite at West Virginia while they are the second favorite to win the SEC this season. And Nebraska is favored in in all their games in their new conference this season.

HT: Big East Coast Bias