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BC Interruption Hits 1,000,000

I didn't sit there and hit refresh on Sitemeter for the last 10 minutes or anything ...
I didn't sit there and hit refresh on Sitemeter for the last 10 minutes or anything ...

This afternoon, BC Interruption finally crossed the 1,000,000 visitors threshold at our new home here on SB Nation. It took us about 22 months to hit this milestone with our biggest month coming in March of this year, thanks to coverage of this year's NCAA Tournament Selection (lame!) and Boston College hockey's playoff run (also lame). Combined with the 126,887 visitors we got over at our old digs on Blogger, and we are well on our way the next mil.

Have really fond memories of our humble beginnings back in December 2007 when we were getting ~14 visitors a day, half of which were me hitting refresh in my web browser to make sure that the site was still there. Also, I realize that roughly a quarter million of these visits were probably from me, but still.

We personally want to thank all of our readers and commenters over the years for making this site what it is. This hobby wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without all your comments and support. A special shout out to our newest Front Page contributors BCHysteria and Conrad Kaczmarek for all of their contributions to date.

We also want to thank all the bloggers and writers who have helped us along the way -- especially Eagle in AtlantaGobbler CountryTomahawk NationBacking The PackBlogger So DearFrom The Rumble SeatTestudo Times, and ACC Sports' Jim Young, to name a few. Oh, and our fearless SBN college network leader Peter Bean over at Burnt Orange Nation for giving us our start here.   

Here's to the next million visitors, an ACC Football Championship, Donahue cutting down the nets in Greensboro and even more hockey hardware in the years to come.

-- Brian and Jeff

PS -- Some interesting blog stats after the jump
PPS -- 1 mil BC Interruption party at Harry's Bar & Grille as we dispose of the "Play Like A Little Girl Today" sign. Like, for reals. Partay!

BC Interruption Stats

Total Visits: 1,000,000
Average Per Day: 3,117
Total Page Views: 1,539,609

Stories: 2,106
Members: 848
FanShots: 830
FanPosts: 90

Twitter Followers: 1,744 (Follow us!)
Tweets: 22,859
Facebook Likes: 272 (Like us, please!)

Boston College records since December 6, 2007:

Men's Ice Hockey: 97-39-12 (.696)
Football: 25-16 (.610)
Men's Basketball: 66-57 (.537)

Boston College football bowl record from our freshman year to 12/6/2007: 7-0
Boston College football bowl record since 12/6/2007: 1-3 (we may be partly to blame for this)

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament games won: 0

Beanpot Tournament Titles: 3
Hockey East Champions: 3
NCAA Men's Ice Hockey National Championships won: 2