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Boston College Daily Links: ACC Football Kickoff Day 2 Recap

Bless you, Jon Meterparel.

Eagles are down on the count (The Boston Globe)
One media member - WEEI’s Jon Meterparel - even voted that the Eagles would win the ACC championship, ahead of overwhelming division favorites Florida State (Atlantic) and Virginia Tech (Coastal) and lukewarm choice Clemson.

BC's Montel Harris still holds grudge against FSU (
"That's my dad's favorite team," Harris said about Florida State. "I always wanted to put put the best numbers I can against them to make him proud. Even though I didn't get to go to his favorite team. I would think of it as a chip on my shoulder, they didn't even give me a look so I wanted to show them what they were missing every time we played them."

ACC media day observations (ESPN ACC Blog)
BC linebacker Luke Kuechly is huge. Those within the program used to joke he looked like Clark Kent because of his short dark hair and glasses, but the dude is seriously busting out of his shirt these days like Superman. I asked him how much weight he has gained since his freshman year and he said 20 pounds. The funny thing about Kuechly, though, is that he still doesn't really look intimidating. It's the glasses. You know, Clark Kent?

Seen And Heard At The ACC Football Kickoff, Day Two (ACC Sports Journal)
"When he puts that helmet on his eyes get red, his face gets furry, I don’t know what happens to him," he said of Kuechly. "He takes on a different persona."

How My ACC Preseason Football Poll Compared (ACC Sports Journal)
I went back and forth on B.C. and N.C. State and eventually went the opposite way of the rest of the media. Consider this a vote for Don Horton, the Wolfpack’s offensive line coach. He’s finally building the sort of line in Raleigh that he used to have in Chestnut Hill. And ever since Horton left BC the Eagles’ line has been living more on reputation than performance. Still, BC has Montel Harris, Luke Kuechly, more experience at QB and the best mustache in college football. I don’t begrudge anyone who voted the Eagles second.

ACC media days notebook, Day 2 (ESPN ACC Blog)
The inconsistency of the quarterback position has been at the heart of the Eagles' recent struggles, but with the maturation of Chase Rettig and hire of Kevin Rogers, coach Frank Spaziani said they're in a much better position than when he was hired. "We're moving forward there. Certainly, we're light years ahead of where we were two years ago when I was sitting here. … Chase has separated himself a little, if you will."  

Harris is ready to go for Eagles (The Boston Globe)
"The personal goals are great,’’ Harris said last week as he took a break from the drills at BC and prepared for the trip to North Carolina for the conference’s football kickoff festivities. "But it’s all about the team. If you don’t win games, nothing else matters that much. This is going to be my last season in a BC uniform and I want to help us get to the Orange Bowl [the landing spot for the ACC champion, barring a slot in the BCS title game].’’

Video: Boston College LB Luke Kuechly (ESPN ACC Blog)
Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly talks about the Eagles' preparation for the 2011 season.

Video: Expectations for Boston College (ESPN ACC Blog)
Lowell Galindo, Tom Luginbill, and Danny Kanell discuss the expectations for Boston College in 2011.

@theACCfootball on Twitter
#BC Coach Spaz on Montel Harris: "He's aware of how he got to this point...but he did it within the framework of the team" 

@Coach_Donahue on Twitter
Great to be back at camp today as week two kicked off. It's sold out! Tons of kids working hard and having fun...and it wasn't 100 degrees!

Hot Rumor: Boston College LB Mark Herzlich To Sign With Ravens (Baltimore Beat Down)
However, despite his body of work on the playing field, his health concerns made all 32 teams, including the Ravens, shy away from him on Draft Day. Now that the NFL Lockout is history, the Ravens are excited to give him a chance to prove everybody wrong and make it on the professional level and while the other 31 teams will be his opponent, most likely everyone is secretly rooting for the kid to succeed.

Video - ACC Media Days with BC's Luke Kuechly (
Video look at behind-the-scenes action at ACC Football Kickoff with LB Luke Kuechly

ACC commish: ‘We need to win more of our high-profile games’ (Dr. Saturday)
"From a national perspective, we haven't achieved competitively at the level expected," Swofford told "We think we have more depth and are a better football conference than we have been in our history. Have we reached our potential football wise as a 12-member conference? No. I don't think we have. I think we will when our top couple of teams is in the national championship picture and hopefully winning and if and when we have a second team in [a] BCS bowl. In time that will come."