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The Time Has Come For An Official Boston College Beer

File this under "incredible idea that will probably end up becoming an NCAA secondary violation."

Louisiana State University announced last week that it has partnered with Tin Roof Brewing Co. of Baton Rouge to produce an officially licensed LSU branded beer

"This fall, the university in conjunction with local microbrewery Tin Roof Brewing Co., will sell a blonde ale that will be available in cans and draught and ready just in time for football season.

The brew is actually tied to the university's food science training program to teach students about fermentation and to the business school, which has already worked on branding, imaging and marketing.

It's an educational beer."

Tin Roof Brewing is actually a company funded by the LSU small business incubator. The company's first beers were released in November of 2010, and the school will work with the brewery to brew, brand, image and market the beers. The official LSU brew will be on store shelves by September or October at the latest, just in time for the Tigers' SEC football stretch run (Tin Roof Brewing ain't no fools).

Now while I'm pretty sure that Boston College doesn't have a university food science training program, they do have a pretty successful business school. Anyone who has spent any time in Boston knows that it is one of the country's best drinking cities, and anyone who has graduated from a Jesuit university knows SJs love them a nice cold brew. Plus, if the success of the Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament is any indication, we know that Superfans take their drinking quite seriously.

Point is it's time for Boston College to take a cue from LSU, work with a brewery and establish their own officially licensed Boston College beer.

Not because of the novelty of having one, but because BC has a number of natural advantages to establishing its own official brew. From a sales, marketing and operations perspective, you have no shortage of quality MBA candidates from the Carroll School of Management. Funding? How about enlisting the help of any of the MSF candidates and alumni? Partnerships with local breweries? BC is located a stone's throw away from the Boston Beer Company headquarters (home of Sam Adams) and any number of local microbreweries on the Cape, Vermont and Maine.

This is an idea whose time has come on the Heights. Besides, wouldn't it be great to have a nice cold tasty beverage made by Boston College at your next home football tailgate? 

I'm sure the school could brew a tastier beverage than Natty Ice or Busch Light, anyhow.

HT: Maize 'n Brew