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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (2) Cityside Vs. (10) An Tua Nua

Via Ireezolut's Flickr.
Via Ireezolut's Flickr.

Welcome back to the BC Interruption Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament. Our fourth and final quarterfinal matchup pits the 2-seeded CitySide up against the 10-seed An Tua Nua. Voting will last for a week and closes next Monday at 5pm. The complete bracket can be seen here.

#2 Cityside

The first round was certainly interesting for Cityside. I badmouthed Great Scott, the GS faithful got a hold of it and all out anarchy spilled over to the Great Scott vs. Cityside post. Over 2,000 votes and a handful of commenter bans later and Cityside emerged bloodied and victorious. To comment on Cityside, you get me:

"I have a nostalgic feeling every time I think of Cityside. I spent countless Saturdays and Sundays there, enjoying their food and drinking a beer or five. I have always been a huge fan of their nachos, which is always gigantic and of course full of great fixings. TV's are everywhere downstairs, usually with five or 6 games going on at one time. They also have a text message video board, which is always worth a laugh when you write "Hey hot blonde me". Now under new management, Cityside is even better. Spacier, and open air, it's one of my favorites in this tournament."

#10 An Tua Nua

In another underdog victory, An Tua Nua took out Sunset Grille in a very close first round victory. Many fans were upset with their seeding, but as I said before let the voting do the talking. Could An Tua Nua be the Butler of this tournament? If so Cityside has to be Pittsburgh, standing in the way of the next round. Again, yours truly will serenade you with a story:

"An Tua Nua always holds a special place in my heart. It was the first and only time one of my friends was ever thrown out of a bar. One night we decided to hit up the bar to celebrate Miguel's birthday party. Unbeknownst to us, a kickball league was holding a fundraiser there and for $10 you could have unlimited drinks for two hours. How this is legal? I have no idea. So instead of drinking at a nice pace, Miguel starts going up the bar and ordering two beers at a time, and by 8PM the entire table is covered with Solo cups filled beer. A half hour later and Miguel is passed out, and the bouncer throws us all out. What.a.night."