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ACC Football Kickoff 2011: Overheard On Twitter

Twitter thoughts and highlights from the ACC Football Kickoff's live question and answer session with commissioner John Swofford:


RT @theACCfootball: "Winning is important but if you have to cheat to win you really haven't won at all" #ACCfbk

RT @theACCfootball: Swofford on key components to success: "Win, play by the rules and graduate our players" #ACCfbk

RT @RollWes: Academics are what people talk about when their teams can't win on the field. If you're in Quiz Bowl, academics are important. #accfbk

RT @tomblockfsu: Let the ACC PR hype begin: NFL Pro Bowlers last 2 years--ACC: 47, SEC: 30, Big 10: 25, Big 12: 22, Pac 10: 28 #ACCfbk

RT @cnpatterson3: Swofford: "We need to win more high-profile games against non-conference opponents." ACC fans, check out the lineup for Sept. 17. #ACCfbk

RT @willsworldmn: Sorry Swofford, as much as you would like to stress academics,it doesn't help win football games. And that's what people care about. #accfbk

RT @ESPN_ACC: JS: "Depth in our league is probably the best it's ever been. " #ACCfbk

RT @theACCfootball: "Sometimes we forget that out athletes are there for an education and to leave with a degree" #ACCfbk

RT @wxmoose: hope that's a typo "@ESPN_ACC: JS on NCAA violations: "That's now who we are as a league." #ACCfbk"