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Boston College Daily Links: Putting A Hex On BC Opponents

Putting The Hex On A Team (BC Draft)
As we look longingly at the season, wishing it to begin this weekend but knowing we're still months away, we look into our deep well of schadenfreude and bring you teams we'd like to put a hex on in 2012.

ACC Football 2011: Most Dynamic Playmakers (Football Nation)
Let's take a look at some of the names on defense poised for a breakout season in 2011 (Kevin Pierre-Louis of Boston College, Ray Ray Armstrong of the University of Miami, Quinton Coples of the University of North Carolina and Virginia Tech's Jayron Hosley).  We'll also examine a handful of offensive standouts, including Montel Harris of Boston College, Danny O'Brien of the University of Maryland and wide receivers Donovan Varner and Conner Vernon of Duke University.

Could Garrett Haar be ticketed for Boston College? (Washington Times)
"George called [Jerry] York, the coach of Boston College last night, and I guess you could say he pumped my tires," Haar said. "He’s helping me out a lot. Him and York are really good friends, the coach at Boston College, so I think that’s a suggestion from George.

View From Section U: UMass’ Rival? (Fear The Triangle)
You also have the interesting dynamic of the snooty private school in Boston Newton versus the blue collar your state U in the hinterlands beyond 495.  But while the Eagles have drawn good crowds to the Mullins, these teams just don’t play big games against each other.  And when they do, UMass loses.

UCF QB Jeff Godfrey arrested (
UCF quarterback Jeff Godfrey was arrested by campus police on Saturday night for driving on a suspended license. According to the officer that pulled over and arrested Godfrey, he knew that Godfrey was driving on a suspended license because he'd already given him a ticket for it on April 9th. The officer also wrote on his report that he felt the tint on the windows of Godfrey's car were too dark.

#42 Georgia Tech (Pre Snap Read)
Is this is a great team? Nope. But it’s a good team, one that is now completely comfortable in this offensive system, and that will help. Whether the defense is completely comfortable in the 3-4 should decide this team’s level of success. For now, seven wins is a very safe bet, and eight or more is very much in play.

Ease the heat on Dabo Swinney (HD's ESPN Blog)
Back-to-back losing seasons aren't tolerated at Clemson. So yes, if Clemson were to flop again and fall below .500, I would expect a coaching change. But I don't think Clemson is going to have a losing season, and I think the administration should and would give Swinney some leeway this year

Potential for Irony in Virginia's Rivalry (Gobbler Country)
With new guidance pushing the program in the right direction, it seemed a foregone conclusion that the Cavaliers would out-recruit Frank Beamer and the Virginia Tech football program. They would continue to dominate the Old Dominion's recruiting as they had for a year. Tech would then fall by the wayside and as would Beamer. A Hall of Fame coach, run out of the state and out of college football by a young whippersnapper with a fury behind him that led the mighty Richmond Spiders to FCS greatness. Oh, how the tables would turn

Debriefing: Was Georgia Tech’s 2010 regression an aberration, or an omen? (Dr. Saturday)
Georgia Tech isn't moving into the 2011 season on the best note. Last week, the Yellow Jackets were slapped with NCAA sanctions, including the vacation of their 2009 ACC title, because of a two-year-old improper benefits case. The entire situation has irked fans, players and even coach Paul Johnson, who lashed out at the NCAA during an article. But in just a few weeks, Georgia Tech is going to have to leave all of that behind and somehow focus on this season and earning another championship.