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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (3) Mary Ann's Vs. (6) Union Street

Via Jekert's Flickr
Via Jekert's Flickr

Welcome back to the BC Interruption Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament. On tap today is the #3 vs. #6 quarterfinal matchup between Mary Ann's vs.Union Street Bar and Grille. Voting will last for a week and closes next Friday at 5pm. The complete bracket can be seen here.

#3 Mary Ann's

Even without the #1 seed Mary Ann's predictably had the highest percentage of votes of any bar matchup in the tournament. For our review today, we look to BCI's own BCRaj:

"The ultimate BC bar where bartenders seem to never leave. It's the BC version of Cheers. It's a travesty that they didn't get the number 1 seed, but here's the rundown: despite the rumors that they water down the beer, the men's bathroom is not really equipped for a #2, and that questionable things may have been done to the basketballs in the Pop-A-Shot ... I don't think you can find a single bar with a higher percentage of Boston College Eagles day in and day out. Sure, there are lines -- major lines every weekend night Thursday-Sunday -- solely based on the amount of demand for a bar without a single flat screen TV. Still, you have to be amazed. With Buckhunter, Pop-A-Shot, nudie photo hunt, jukebox (dated reference) and a new text message board, there's something for all ages. Remember you are never too old to go to MaryAnn's."

#6 Union Street

In one of the closer matchups of the tournament, Union St. eeked out a win against Irish Pub Belgian Beer Garden The Publick House. To recap her experience at Union St. here is Joanna, BC Class of 2005:

"I believe this was the first place I ever went as a BC student and last for years later. This is also true for my sister, also a BC graduate. Union St. is a great place to take your parents...or should I say they take you, because let's face it college kids can't afford to do this. The food is definitely the best part about Union St, but you can always get a good drink here as well. You can always find your standard beers on tap or in a bottle, or a featured cocktail. This is a great Parents' weekend stop because who wouldn't want a good meal, especially when your parents are footing the bill, and honestly who would want to take their parents to Mary Ann's? Located in Newton Centre this place is a refreshing alternative to your typical bar."