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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (1) Roggies Vs. (9) Joshua Tree

Via AshenGrove's Flickr
Via AshenGrove's Flickr

Welcome back to the BC Interruption Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament. For our next quarterfinal matchup, we have a 1 vs 9 matchup in Roggies vs. Joshua Tree. Voting will last for a week. The complete bracket can be seen here.

**The Harry's Bar and Grille/White Horse Matchup is back up and running. The poll was fixed, and voting has been extended until Tuesday at 5pm.

#1 Roggies

Roggies crushed Who's On First in the first round of the competition, taking in a staggering 72 percent. Gameday pricing did not keep fans away from voting in droves for this heavy hitter. Reader Joanna, Class of 2005 gives her review

Favorite memory from Roggie's: Going to happy hour immediately after finishing my Senior thesis. Enough said. The wings are fabulous and cheap. You can't go wrong whether you pick buffalo or teriyaki. Roggie's even has a downstairs in the evenings. It can get a little sketchy, but not the bad kind, more the funny college story sketchy. And let's be honest, proximity is a huge selling point for this place. You can stager home or opt for the drunken late night BC bus experience. Whether it's the beer buckets, nachos, or always knowing you'll run into someone you know, as a BC student you'll always keep coming back to Roggie's. I know I do.

#9 Joshua Tree

The bar formely known as Tonic pulled off the first upset of the tournament knocking off the beer behemoth Big City in the first round. Could Cityside's sister bar pull off another upset this week? They did receive more total votes in the first round than Roggies. To review JT, let's turn to BC fan and former A-B resident @jennycupcakes1:

"I used to frequent Joshua Tree when I lived on Allston Street and they still had their half price menu. You couldn't go wrong with everything on the menu half price after work if you buy a drink.

Buffalo Chicken nachos have to be the best invention EVER. I had multiple occasions at the bar watching football with my friends, where I couldn't make a decision between wings and nachos. Combining them is GENIUS! For this alone I do still venture out to Joshua Tree every now and then. That and the deep friend peanut butter cups which are heaven. Both are best split with a friend because its just too much food for one person alone, unless, of course, you are a professional eater.

Don't arrive too late or you'll fight with the college bar night crowds that start arriving after 8pm. I like to go during normal dinner hours. I've never gone here during a major sporting event so it might get crowded then as well. Oh and take the T to this location because parking on that section of Comm Ave is impossible and who wants to pay to valet park?"