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NCAA Football 12: Top Five Boston College Football Uniform Combinations

Assuming Spaz and the Eagles have some latitude to choose between different uniform combinations, the Eagles will have nine different uniform combinations to choose from in 2011 (which is approximately 200 or so less than the combinations for the Oregon Ducks, but it's a start).

Using EA Sports NCAA Football 12 TeamBuilder, I've already decided on my favorite uniform combos and also the combinations that I never, ever want to see the Eagles wearing on Saturdays. Here is a list of my top five uniform combinations:


5. Maroon jerseys, white pants -- I'm not a huge, huge fan of this uniform combo, but it's certainly better than some of the other alternatives. If I had to choose between maroon-gold and maroon-white, I'm choosing maroon-gold every time, but I don't mind mixing it up from time to time with the maroon-white combo. This one is good for the I-AA game or the annual MAC / Conference USA / service academy game, but don't really love this for a conference game or other big time game.


4. White jerseys, gold pants -- This combo looks good, even if it looks very Florida State road jersey-esque. In general, I'm a fan of the white road jerseys, but think that the white-maroon combo looks forced. And again, reminds me too much of early 2000s TOB ball


3. Gold jerseys, white pants -- I really like the gold jerseys, but am struggling with pairing these with one of the pants. I think I settled on the gold-white combination. Gold-maroon isn't terrible, but I just can't get behind the maroon pants. 


2. White jerseys, white pants -- I know there is a large group of Superfans that dislikes the all-whites, but I still really like this combination. Not for nothing, remember that this combo was worn during two of the greatest Eagle victories of the last decade. White-white uniform combo reference #1 and reference #2.


1. Maroon jerseys, gold pants -- Still the most classic and best uniform combination available. Nothing beats seeing the Eagles wearing the maroon and gold at home.

Unacceptable under any circumstances: Maroon jerseys, maroon pants. Gold jerseys, gold pants. 

Use the EA TeamBuilder to mix and match your favorite Boston College Eagles uniform combination. Which combinations are your favorites? Which can we do without?