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2011-12 Football Recruiting: Boston College Picks Up 12th Commit In LB Michael Strizak

On Friday we looked at BC's lack of depth at LB going forward. I warned that if Luke Kuechly went pro next year, BC would be in a world of trouble. This weekend Spaz & Co. did their yeoman's work to try and fix that problem by receiving a verbal committment from Don Bosco Prep LB Michael Strizak

"They had given me a deadline to commit [Monday]," Strizak said about Boston College. "Overall, I liked the educational opportunity and the city. I'm very happy the stress is over so I can focus more on this upcoming season with Don Bosco. That's a big relief."

Ooh a deadline huh Spaz? I like the cajones on that one. Too bad that type of bravado doesn't show up during game time. The article goes on to say that the 3-star rated Strizak also had scholarship offers from UConn and Rutgers. Bam! UConn, you lose again!

Don Bosco Prep is becoming a pipeline of linebackers for Boston College. First Brian Toal then Steele Divitto and now Strizak. Strizak also mentioned that previous success by these Don Bosco linebackers at BC was a big part of his decision. 

As 31southst mentioned in his fantastic FanPost, this is the 12th signing for Spaz which is a marked difference than their 2010 recruiting class which only had five verbals by the end of July. Hat tip to the BC recruiting staff for keeping busy this summer and keeping us the fans talking about their work.