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Vacation Warning

Via JeffK's flickr
Via JeffK's flickr

Friends, Eagles, Heightsmen (and women), lend me your ears.

The all-star BC Interruption writing team will be a bit out of pocket the rest of this week. Brian has some important life changes coming up in his life, while I plan on spending the next week sitting in the woods by a campfire reading the new ESPN book drinking an ice cold beer. In short, I think we could all use a little battery recharging before college football season starts up again.

Expect posting to be light around here. We have a few canned Ultimate BC Bar Tournament Quarterfinals and SB Nation Conference Re-Draft project posts, but any breaking news coverage will be light.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to take a stab at posting a FanShot or a FanPost, you have the green light. This will be a Front Page'd-rich environment. So if Frank Spaziani decides to hang it up before the season, Dave Shinskie transfers to Auburn or Jerry York convinces Boston College, Boston University, Maine, New Hampshire, Northeastern and Notre Dame to break away from Hockey East to create the Jerry York Hockey Conference For Kids Who Can Skate Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, please try a FanPost.

So in short, keep coming back to BC Interruption during the week, and make sure to keep the comment section active. I probably will be trolling around the site on my phone because "I just can't quit you!"

Don't miss us too much, and see you all on the 25th. I love you all.