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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (4) White Horse Vs. (12) Harry's Bar and Grille

Via Tom Raferty's Flickr
Via Tom Raferty's Flickr

Welcome back to the BC Interruption Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament. For our first quarterfinal matchup, we have a #4 vs. #12 matchup in White Horse Tavern vs. Harry's Bar and Grille. Voting will last for a week and closes next Monday Tuesday at 5pm. The complete bracket can be seen here.

#4 White Horse

White Horse cruised through the first round of the bar tournament, soundly knocking out the Common Ground. Today we look to Mass Hysteria Sports blogger SmartyBarrett for the review:

"The White Horse holds a special place for me because it's where I watched almost every playoff game during the Red Sox 2007 World Series run. Weeknights, weekends, afternoons, it doesn't matter when you go, the White Horse is always a great place to watch a game. With all the TVs, there's literally not a bad seat in the entire place; whether you're up on the elevated area on the right or down past the pool tables on the left, you always have your choice of TVs to enjoy some Boston sports dominance. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention the awesome food and booze (gluten-free beer!!!) selection, and the portions are HUGE. They have the atmosphere to soak in some games and the food to soak up some booze. Whether you're swinging by for some mid-week trivia or tossing some alcohol-fueled trash talk towards some Yankees fans late night, the White Horse is the place to be."

Harry's Bar and Grille

In one of the few upsets of the tournament to date, Harry's Bar and Grille took to social media and outbattled the Avenue. One of the most dangerous bars in the tourney, Harry's is a bar had the most non-bot driven votes in the first round. They have already made a promise to BCI if they win, but will it be enough to take out White Horse? Reader Jennifer gives her review:

"You know how you can go to a bar over and over again and most of the time your experience is just ok (nothing bad happens and nothing super awesome happens either) and every once in awhile you have a bad experience but you still go back because hey you can't have the best service/food/experience every single time, right? Harry's is not one of those places. In fact, Harry's has to be the one place I have gone to where every single time I have had a great experience. I'm a beer drinker so I'm always trying something new from their extensive beer selection and when I'm not sure what to choose the staff there has no trouble suggesting something based on what I'm in the mood to drink. I love that! For such a small neighborhood bar, they have a fabulous menu too. Everything sounds so good and I can't seem to try everything (mostly because I always end up ordering the steak tips because I CRAVE them). And the prices are great for Boston, especially with their daily drink and food specials. There is a pool table and plenty of tables and I've never had trouble getting a seat. They have plenty of TV's and a pull down big screen for the "BIG GAME" so sport fans are always appeased. I used to live right down the street and I recently moved to Quincy but I will still go out to Harry's (even with the trip home being significantly longer than just a quick walk around the corner). All and all, just hearing the phrase "Hey Jen, we're going to Harry's tonight if you want to come out?" will always put a smile on my face and will 90% of the time make me change plans if I have any (hey come on there are always things you just can't get out of, right?)."