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Harry's Bar And Grille Raises The Ante In The Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament

The first round is just about finished and one bar has decided to go all in and try and win this thing. In our comment section for their first round matchup Harry's Bar and Grille commented the following:

"Well we made it past the Ave by the skin of our teeth. Times in Allston/Brighton are changing, many of the bars you knew and loved are different or gone. let’s start a movement called "Bring down the Sign". If by the remote chance we win this thing I tell you what I will do, we will have a party in honor of the BC collegiate on the first BC Notre Dame game this year and we will take down the sign. You will have to give us an Eagles sign to replace the old one. You may also keep the "play like a champion today" sign for whatever you wish…maybe a keepsake….thoughts?"

Now I'm not saying that I am easily bought off, but that sounds like a pretty good reason to vote for them. What say you, White Horse Tavern?

Next round's bracket will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon.