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How Do You Show Your Love For Boston College?

wedding husky ride superfan
wedding husky ride superfan

If you were scouring the internet or Twitter yesterday, you undoubtedly saw the article about the Ohio State fan that died. What was so special about it? The family thought that the deceased person should be the "I" in the O-H-I-O crowd formation.

"Long time fan who was always the "I-O", is forever the permanent "I". Roy Miracle was shown in an OSU turtle neck that he loved, and holding the position that he loved! The rest of the long time fans are from left to right, Ann Robinson, Juli Miracle, my Dad (Roy Miracle), and Rick Ives."

What? You don't believe me? Photo proof is here (don't click if you are a necrophobe). Pretty morbid and downright creepy for most of normal folks out there. That is a pretty intense level of fandom there. BC fans aren't known for being college football zealots, but there are possibilities to show our insane level of love for Boston College.

The picture above is a photo from a wedding. The wedding started with a mass at BC and continued with a reception at a Northeastern University-owned reception hall. Outside the hall, there was a large Husky statue which the groomsmen decided to deface with a Superfan shirt and whipped cream. They all took turns riding the statue until security came and removed both them and the Superfan shirt. As a BC fan, it was quite the spectacle. 

Here are some suggestions on how to show your Superfan-dom, even after graduation:

Tattoos -- Sure you can always go for the common BC Eagle logo, Josh Haden-style, but what says "I love BC, now get out of my way" better than a tat of Al Skinner's face on your arm.

Naming Your Child -- There are so many great names you could use -- Doug, Matt, Biko, Jared or Mathias. (Extra points for anyone who names their child Steele)

Naming Your Pet -- Baldwin is an easy one. Just don't get an actual Bald Eagle. That's illegal. There are other great options as well. I always wanted to adopt a full grown pit bull and name it Herzy or a big lazy not-yet-housebroken English bulldog so I can yell at him ... "Bad Spaz! Look what you did. You need to save your poops for the field!"

Wedding -- Getting married at BC is cliche so how about this: Your bride comes down the aisle to an organ playing "For Boston"  wearing a beautiful maroon and gold wedding gown. Extra credit if you can get Jon Meterparel to be the Justice of the Peace.

BC Memorabilia -- What better way to show off your love to the Eagles than displaying precious keepsakes around the house? How about a Matt Hasselbeck game worn jersey? Or a framed copy of Sports Illustrated's cover featuring Bill Curley? Or maybe a piece of Matt Ryan's dreamy hair that you collected when he was a student at Boston College (sigh). Wait, what?

Those are just a few ways you can show your fandom, just like The Ohio State Corpse dude. What are some other ways you show how much you care for BC?