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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (7) Sunset Grille Vs. (10) An Tua Nua

Via Wickenden's Flickr
Via Wickenden's Flickr

First round competition concludes today with the 7 vs.10 matchup between Sunset Grille and An Tua Nua. Voting is still open in the very close battle between Harry's Bar & Grille and the Avenue as well as Publick House and Union St. The rest of the tournament bracket is here.

#7 Sunset Grille

Located on Brighton Ave in Allston, the Sunset Grille is the Holy Mecca of beer drinking. You could go to Sunset Grille every weekend during the year and still have countless of beers to try. If you are a typical BC student who survives on Busch and Natty Light, Sunset Grille might be a little too exotic for you. You will find Coors Light on their menu, but you should hang your head in shame if you order it. There is a whopping 300+ beers available, literally from every corner of the earth. Food isn't too shabby here either, with a full menu of the usual good stuff ... BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders, curly fries, and ribs. A great place for those of us who like a a great beer experience, Sunset may not be the greatest place to watch a game. The clientele is usually an older crew, and most could care less about a BC football game.

#10 An Tua Nua

I've only been here a handful of times, but let's let BC Alum "Angry Blogger" (@angryshit on Twitter) do justice for the Kenmore area bar:

"All you need to know about An Tua Nua can be summed up in two words: dollar drafts. Yes, Thursday nights at An Tua Nua, starting at 9pm, you can get beer (don't ask me what kind, I evidently drank enough of it every Thursday to not remember) for a dollar a cup. For all you old-timers that whine about the "nerdification of BC," go to An Tua Nua on a Thursday night and your faith will be restored. It is my opinion that more bad decisions were made at that bar by BC kids than at any other drinking establishment. Besides the guarantee to be sloshed for cheap, the bar has a cool set-up, with a bar/mingling area in front, and another, separate bar next to the dance floor in the back. I would venture to guess that the majority of the aforementioned poor decisions occur in the dance floor section. Granted, every Thursday An Tua Nua also "ran out" of dollar drafts around 10:30, but that's okay, because by then you were always slammed enough to buy more beer at the full price. Great business plan on their part."