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NCAA Football 12: What Will Boston College's Roster Look Like?

EA Sports BC Entrance
EA Sports BC Entrance

For gaming nerds like myself, there are unofficial holidays that you non-basement dwellers don't know about it.

There are the yearly gatherings of people outside of Best Buy to buy the newest installment of Madden. There are those of us that are almost brought to tears when they see the new Gears of War commercial. Finally for those of us who love college sports, we pre-order NCAA Football and spend the rest of the summer mashing buttons while the rest of you go outside and "get sun" and "stay healthy."  I always play as Boston College -- big surprise -- and one of the most frustrating parts of the game is that without fail the Eagles always have terrible ratings.

Let's take a look at this year's ratings for the Eagles:

Offense Defense / Specialists
Player Position Rating Player Position Rating
Montel Harris RB 92 Luke Kuechly LB 97
Emmett Cleary OT 86 Kevin Pierre-Louis LB 89
Nathan Richman OG 85 Donnie Fletcher CB 86
Mark Spinney C 84 Kaleb Ramsey DT 84
Chris Pantale TE 84 Jim Noel SS 83
Andre Williams RB 83 Max Holloway DT 83
Bobby Swigert WR 82 Okechukwu Okoroha FS 82
Bryan Davis OG 82 Ryan Quigley P 82
John Wetzel OT 80 Nate Freese K 82
Chase Rettig QB 78 Steele Divitto LB 81
Alex Amidon WR 77 Nick Clancy LB 79
Rolandan Finch RB 77 Dominick LeGrande CB 79
Clyde Lee WR 77 Dillon Quinn DT 78
Tahj Kimble RB 77 Dominique Williams CB 78
Johnathan Coleman WR 77 Conor O'Neal DT 77
Alex Foxen FB 76 Kasim Edebali DE 76
Ian White OG 74 A.J. Currelley CB 75
Lars Anderson TE 74 Will Thompson LB 74
Dave Shinskie QB 73 Jake Sinkovec LB 73
Mike Marscovetra QB 73      
Aaron Kramer OT 70      
Josh Bordner QB 62    

Just as a note, I found these rankings through EA Sports' Team Builder, which at points got tedious and confusing. Therefore in the interest of my sanity I did not do the entire roster, only those players we may hear from this year. Also pairing freshman players and their numbers was like sorting tax code, so I only did a few. Here are a few interesting notes:

  • As predicted we our ratings are top heavy on linebackers and OT, and surprise our two highest offensive skill players are running backs.
  • EA doesn't think very much about either Chase Rettig or Dave Shinskie. Rettig is up considerably from last year (63), but Dave Shinskie is much lower than last year (81). I would hazard a guess that Rettig's rating is the lowest for a starting QB in the ACC in this game.
  • Montel Harris is only a 92? That seems a little low for the leading rusher in the ACC.
  • Luke Kuechly at a 97 seems about right. The BC homer in me says he should be a 99, but I can't imagine there are many perfect players in college football right now.
  • Albert Louis Jean, who by most accounts is BC's most touted recruit, doesn't appear to be in the game. And don't plan on building around a freshman QB because Christian Suntrip isn't in the game either. 
  • Colin Larmond Jr. was only a 67, lower than all WR's on BC other than Donte Elliott. Knee injury aside, he is going to be a bigger factor for BC than EA is giving him credit for.

Those are just some of my thoughts. Any of these ratings surprise you? Do you think they are accurate? What would you change?