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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (2) Cityside Vs. (15) Great Scott

Via Miamism's Flickr
Via Miamism's Flickr

First round competition continues today with the 2 vs.15 matchup between Cityside and Great Scott. Complete tournament bracket is here.

#2 Cityside

Definitely a favorite of the BC students, Cityside recently was taken over by new management, and the inside was completely redone. An open air bar with great drinks, close to campus, Cityside is a favorite for students and visiting team fans alike. Again let's go to our traveling bar experts, ACal6888, yanesp, and mek2702 for their perspective:

"Cityside has two personalities. Downstairs is basically a crappy sports bar – lots of TVs, a huge bar, decent bar food, but there isn’t much room to sit, especially after BC games. But, at night, upstairs is like a displaced Mod party without the drinking games: there’s a good DJ (who tends to play some awesome 90s music), always room to dance if you want, but it’s mostly people hanging out, standing around drinking and talking. Its basically all BC students, and some recent alums, (including me and my friends) so there are always a bunch of people you know there, which is appreciated when trying to get a friend drunk on his/her birthday. The hard alcohol drinks are strong and definitely not watered down (see Roggies), your feet don’t stick to the ground, and you don’t really worry about getting a disease when you open the bathroom door (which is also a normal size, not MA’s miniscule). The drinks are a bit pricier than the average BC bar but there are always plenty of friends there to buy a round. Some of my favorite nights senior year started at Cityside and ended by carrying trashed friends back to campus, so it’s a good thing its so close."

#15 Great Scott

I've only been to this bar a handful of times and that was because friends of mine forced me into it. Definitely not my scene. Located on the corner of Comm. Ave and Harvard St. on the B Line, Great Scott is not your typical sports bar. No food, not a sports bar, and the beer selection is awful. On many nights GS is completely empty, only filled with some of the locals who are not that fun to socialize with. But on other nights GS fills with smelly hipsters, who dress in flannel and listen to crappy music. I went there during a Red Sox playoff game, and it was like hell, the patrons preferred to listen to some terrible DJ spin a bunch of emo crap than watch the game on their two televisions. Again, I never said I would be partial, but if Great Scott's beats Cityside, I will disown all of you.