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Vote For BC In EA Sports' NCAA Football 12 Traditions Tourney

EA Sports Baldwin
EA Sports Baldwin

As a huge gamer and a college football fan, there is nothing better than EA Sports NCAA Football. I find the game to be the easiest way to live out all of my favorite BC delusions.

Recruiting five star QB's who can run a 4.4 40 yard dash? Absolutely.
Back-to-back National titles?
Beating Virginia Tech 42-0?  Sure why not.

Last year's game helped me get through many of the dark parts of the season. NCAA 2012 looks really good, but should I buy it? Of course! The new features are always what makes me shell out $50 a year for the newest version. This year, EA Sports added a new feature chronicling the "traditions" of each school, basically what each school does as a tradition before each game. To add to the excitement, EA Sports is trying to determine where fans can vote on their favorite traditions. For BC they added the Eagle Statue touch, which if you ever go to a game, they show on the jumbotrons before every game.

Do I believe the Eagle Touch should win? No. Even though I love it, and it's added a great tradition to our pre-game ritual, there are other schools that have much better more storied traditions. Some of my favorites would include:

- Florida State -- Chief Osceola/Renegade Spear Plant (real Indian, flaming spear equals awesome)
- Oklahoma -- Sooner Schooner
- Oregon -- Duck on the motorcycle (Donald Duck on a motorcycle, almost as insane as Chip Kelly's offensive schemes)
- Clemson -- Howard's Rock (Basically the same thing as BC's tradition, it just has been around longer)
- Auburn -- War Eagle (BC did this once last year. Please continue it. It's awesome.)

Head on over to EA Sports' Facebook Page and vote for your favorite pre-game tradition. Winner will be announced on ESPN's SportsNation on July 12th.

Let's open up the comment section with a few thoughts:

What do you think of BC's pregame traditions (walk through campus, Eagle Statue touch)?  Is there anything you wished they added? What traditions from other programs do you like/can't stand?

HT: College Gridiron 365