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Introducing BC Interruption's Summer Opponent Preview Series

We've entered the heart of the college football offseason. With no more collegiate rugby sevens or sailing National Championships to hold us over, it's time for that excruciatingly long stretch of summer with no college football in sight. Basically, get ready for the LONGEST 88 DAYS OF YOUR LIFE!

Lucky for you, we got you covered. We'll be embarking on a 12-week preview of Boston College's 2011 football opponents starting with previewing the Eagles' season-opening opponent, the Northwestern Wildcats, this week (or what's left of it). The planned schedule is roughly one opponent/week, but this is subject to change. E.g. would anyone really be upset if we fall behind a week and then skip, say, UMass? We'll have Five Good Minutes segments with opposing writers, scouting reports and other posts centered around the Eagles' opponent in the spotlight for that week. 

Also, we continue to update the left sidebar with quality links scouting BC's 2011 opponents so check back early and often to read the latest season previews. So be on the lookout for our summer preview series starting with the Northwestern Wildcats.