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BC Lagging Behind Rest Of Conference In Championships Won Post-Expansion?

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Brian: Brendan from From Old Virginia recently broke down the total number of ACC championships by school in the post-expansion years (from 2004-present). UVa added five ACC titles to the trophy case this season - men's tennis, rowing, baseball, and men's and women's swimming and diving - to earn a conference best 37 since the 2004-05 season. Here's the rundown of schools and ACC Championships:

1. Virginia - 37
2. Florida State - 26
3. Duke - 25
4. North Carolina - 21
5. Maryland - 16
6. Georgia Tech - 14
7. Virginia Tech - 11
8. Clemson - 8
9. N.C. State - 6
10t. Miami - 5
10t. Wake Forest - 5
12. Boston College - 1

There's BC lagging behind the rest of the conference with just one ACC championship to its name - men's soccer in 2007.

Now I realize that BC's two most successful sports -- ice hockey and sailing -- don't compete in the ACC. In fact, the men's hockey team has won five of the last seven Hockey East Championships (2005, '07, '08, '10, '11), while the women won their first Hockey East Championship in program history this past season. Plus sailing has won at least four NEISA co-ed conference championships and I'm sure probably won a few more conference titles between 2004-2011. Women's crew competes in the Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Colleges (EAWRC), while skiing and fencing are also non-ACC sports.

But that lone ACC title has to bug you, right? Given the number of varsity programs that don't compete in the ACC, is the total number of ACC titles won a meaningful metric for a school like BC? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I wish we had a lot more ACC Championships, mainly in football during either the 2007 or 2008 seasons. A basketball championship would be nice any season and is possible any season with the tournament format. But, while it would be nice to have more, I'm not disappointed there are not more.

One of the downfalls of moving to the ACC would be fewer conference championships for BC. The ACC is better in every sport than the Big East with the possible exception of basketball. You might be able to prove me wrong here but I'm pretty sure the ACC is superior in soccer, swimming, track & field, tennis and golf for both men and women. I'll go on record right now and say BC will never win an ACC title in golf. I might not be going too far out on a limb to say they won't win in swimming or track & field either.

Going to the ACC tournament three of the last four years, it would be nice to hear BC announced a little more often when they list the academic year's champions in all sports up til that point (which, by the way, they announce them over and over again). Fortunately we had soccer a few years ago but nothing since. But aside from events like that, I am not disappointed than the swimming team or the golf teams don't bring home any hardware. It is simply one of the many prices we are paying for moving to the ACC. Eventually we won't have that excuse but for now I'm happy being in the conversation for football annually and men's basketball sometimes while we clean up in some non-ACC sports like hockey.