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2011 USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship: BC Rugby Drinking Game

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via wikipedia

The Boston College Men's Rugby Football Club, along with 15 other fine college rugby programs, is competing in today's USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship at PPL Park in Chester. If you aren't down in Philadelphia at the event, you can catch the action throughout the weekend on TV. The NBC family of networks will cover the event from 12-8 today and 12-6 tomorrow.

Today, you can catch the Championship on Universal Sports (12-2 PM), Versus (2-4), NBC (4-6) and Versus (6-8). On Sunday, the event is on Universal Sports (12-2 PM), Versus (2-4) and NBC (4-6).

Now I don't exactly know how much of BC's Pool Play matches will be shown live. But I do know from personal experience that rugby and drinking go hand-in-hand. Let's see if we can't spice things up a bit as you catch what for many of you will probably be your first glimpses of a pretty cool sport.




If the announcers mention the Dropkick Murphys concert following Saturday's rugby action ... DRINK ONE

If the announcers mention that the United States is the reigning Olympic Rugby champion (let's be serious ... it was last held during the 1924 games and all of three countries participated) ... DRINK TWO

Mentions of Rugby sevens making its Olympic debut at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio ... DRINK TWO

For every open field tackle where a BC rugger gets lit up ... DRINK ONE, and then immediately feel bad for the kid

For every bone-crushing tackle of a Notre Dame / Dartmouth / Utah player ... DRINK ONE

Every time Boston College scores a try (equivalent of a touchdown in American football) ... DRINK TWO

Every time Boston College connects on a penalty kick (basically, a field goal) ... DRINK TWO

Every time Boston College successfully makes a conversion kick (XP) ... DRINK ONE

For every explanation of the game of rugby sevens that gives an American football reference as an example ... (BABY) SIP ONE (don't want to kill you)

If the Eagles get shut out in an entire half (7-minute halves) ... DRINK THREE

Every time Boston College defeats Notre Dame ... DRINK FIVE

The use of the term "Holy War" to describe the BC-ND matchup ... DRINK ONE

If the announcers talk about how Utah's Thretton Palamo was recruited by the Utes football team after last year's CFC performance ... DRINK TWO

Every time Boston College defeats Utah ... DRINK TEN (I think they are pretty good)

Mentions of Dartmouth's full (and fairly dumb) athletics nickname, "The Big Green" ... DRINK ONE

Every time Boston College defeats Dartmouth ... DRINK FIVE

If the Eagles advance to the Championship Bracket on Sunday ... DRINK TEN


Please drink responsibly. Go Eagles ruggers!