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The BC Interruption Hate Index, Volume XII (And ... Scene)

This is the end.

Every week there is more and more discourse in the comments as to the worth of the Hate Index. Well, having exhausted every hateful bone in my body for three full months, I will finally relent and will put an end to this series of posts that was the best thing to come out of West Virginia University since ... well, yeah.

We'll give this thing one more go-around -- mostly to get BS in the Hate Hall of Fame along with Jim Calhoun, Boston University and the neighbors -- and then the Hate Index will disappear until something so pisses me off that we need to have another one.

That said, I thought it would be fun to look at the Hate Index over the past few weeks. Here's the voting patterns for the Hate Index for volumes 1-11 (click to embiggen).


Week by week relegations:

Week 1: Tommy Amaker
Week 2: Colorado College Hockey
Week 3: Villanova fans
Week 4: A weak NBA Draft class
Week 5: Michael Floyd DUIs
Week 6: Gameday Pricing at Roggie's
Week 7: 2011 BC Home Football Schedule
Week 8: The Hate Index
Week 9: UMass
Week 10: Having to Graduate

Which leads us to this week's member of the Hate Index that was relegated ...

Last Week's Relegation: Caulton Tudor -- In what was the closest vote in Hate Index history, Caulton Tudor edges out the ACC Bowl Lineup for last week's relegation. And this was despite strong pleas from another ACC blogger: "PLEASE leave Tudor in. As someone in North Carolina who hears about his drivel all the time he's unbearable. He loves UNC (a mortal sin) and is just so uninformed and biased it's intolerable." Your hate for this guy may have subsided now, but wait until ACC expansion / realignment talks heat up. Get ready for any number of rationalizations as to why the ACC should boot BC and Miami and bring in East Carolina and West Virginia, or some such nonsense.

On to this week's list.


Members of the Hate Hall of Fame, which require no further description:

- Boston University (12 consecutive weeks)
- Jim Calhoun (12)
- Neighbors (11)

- Bill Simmons (9) -- One week away from HOF status. "I haven't been to a casino in four months - every time I hear the Foxwoods Casino song these days, my right eye starts twitching. But since my mom was a Boston College grad and I've had a gambling problem since the womb, I'm always figuring out ways to bet on things." via Bill Simmons Versus BC.

- Notre Dame Students (7) -- Via cmw2005: "That nd post was ridiculous. Just when i thought i was out, a dbag ND student pulls me back in. I will also say that i had no idea the Navy played such a huge role in ND's history. Cool story there."

- "Golden Eagles" (3) -- From Fox Sports Southwest's OKC Offseason shopping list: "Boston College PG Reggie Jackson: A three-year player for the Golden Eagles, Jackson developed into the leader of a senior-laden team as a junior in 2010-11. Jackson's team certainly wasn't the most talented in the ACC, but he guided his group to a winning record in conference play and a berth in the NIT." I had no idea RJ played for Marquette.

- ACC Bowl Lineup (2) -- The lineup problem has more to do with the dates for me as opposed to the locations (as bad as some are). Need to have at least ONE other January bowl game. It's pathetic that the ACC doesn't." via hoyaeagle

And this week's final Hate Index edition ...

- This Week's Addition: UConn (1) -- We've batted about this issue on several occasions, between Jim Calhoun being a Hate Index HOF member to multiple calls for the Courant's beat writer to make the list. Though Myerberg has done the dirty work for us: "Desmond Conner, who covers UConn football for The Hartford Courant, might take umbrage at emails sent from a Boston College address but has his finger on the pulse of the program."

But nothing comes close to what we are dealing with until you realize that a UConn fan (student?) sought out this blog, figured out how to write a FanPost and hurls their best insults at BC:

"Become relevant again BC. You made a mistake by moving to the ACC for the money. Now you are stuck in obscurity with no natural rival."

I didn't realize that BC had become irrelevant, but thanks for opening our eyes, good sir.