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Yes, There Are FBS Vs. FCS Games Worth Watching

When you first think of an FBS vs FCS game you probably think of two things;

1) either one sided blowouts at the hands of the FBS team, or
2) freak upsets like Appalachian State's victory over Michigan

These are the games that are usually relegated to ESPN7 and pirated streams online and usually never any get mainstream attention. I admit, I usually never give these games much of a look, because in most cases the games are never interesting.  Looking at the schedule this year though, there are some interesting games to be played. Could there be an upset in the mix?


Massachusetts at Boston College -- At this point we all know the story well. UMass is going to join the MAC, what better way to energize their fanbase than knocking off the Eagles. Hold on a second. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, I had to get that out. It will be interesting to see if UMass students try to pack Alumni and gain a bit of a home crowd edge.

Appalachian State at Virginia Tech -- Appalachian State has the history for an upset on their side, and so does Virginia Tech. As we all know, Virginia Tech got completely caught off guard last year against James Madison. It's early enough in the season, and Tech is starting an inexperienced QB. Will there be an upset in Blacksburg? Probably not, but this may be the FCS vs. FBS game that gets the most hype as a potential upset.

Richmond at Duke -- Richmond beat Duke in 2009, and let's face it, Duke isn't very good. Any FCS team has a decent shot of knocking off the Blue Devils.

Texas State at Texas Tech -- This is a game to watch not because Texas State has any chance of beating Texas Tech, but more because Texas State will become an FBS school in 2012. If the Bobcats can hold their own, it could be a strong message to Texas area recruits.

Eastern Washington at Washington -- Reigning FCS champions take on their cross state FBS counterparts. Washington will be looking to figure out their identity post Jake Locker. If I could pick an FCS upset game, this would be it.

Jacksonville State at Kentucky -- Last year Jacksonville State knocked off Ole Miss. Could they knock off two SEC teams in two years? Kentucky might be ripe for the upsetin', after losing Randall Cobb to the NFL draft. Could be interesting...


See? There are FCS games that are more interesting to watch than reruns of the Twilight Zone. Will these games actually turn out as interesting as I tried to make them? Maybe ... maybe not. But give them a chance, try and find them on TV. They are usually located between MTV Jazz and the American Girl Channel.

And if you just so happen to see an upset, say to yourself "Hey, I read about that on BC Interruption".  Do any of these games -- or ones I didn't mention -- look interesting to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments.