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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (1) Roggies Vs. (16) Who's On First

Via Yuheitomi's Flickr
Via Yuheitomi's Flickr

First round competition continues today with the 1 vs.16 matchup between Roggies and Who's On First. Voting is still open in the #4 and #13 matchup between White Horse and Common Ground. Complete tournament bracket is here.

#1 Roggies

A lot of debate went into whether Roggies, Cityside or Mary Ann's should be the #1 seed. In the end I picked Roggies for several different reasons -- central location, great food, great TVs and not a seething cesspool like Mary Ann's. After a solid night of boozing, nothing beats a slice of Roggies pizza in the small pizzeria that is connected to the main bar. Instead of pitchers of beer, Roggies has "towers of beer" which are great for large groups of people. Let recent grads and fans of BCI @yanesp @acal6888 & mek2702 give you their reasons:

"Roggies is probably my favorite place to go watch a game; they have a ton of TVs on both floors, which always show BC games. There are plenty of tables, never a wait, and a lot of pretty good food. Pizza is available until 2 so even after the drunkest nights, a Big Daddy slice is always in the realm of possibility. It’s really close to campus, by walking or bus, so the clientele is almost exclusively BC students and alumni, and there is almost always at least one recognizable athlete in there (and let’s be honest, where there’s one, there are 8-10 more on their way, especially when the hockey team is involved). Whether you’re there as a student or come back ten years later as an alum (I’m looking at you Brian Gionta), you are pretty much guaranteed to see at least one familiar face. Open Mic Night on Tuesday, Pong on Thursday and Trivia on Wednesday is the best around, and while there’s speculation they water down their hard alcohol, Budzillas are back, so why would you order anything else anyway?"

#16 Who's On First

Winner of the Play In Round Sudden Death Elimination, Who's On First isn't widely known as a BC bar but it frequented by many of the students. A great place to go during the spring, Who's has open air and great beers. Plus if you want to meet a girl who loves the Red Sox, this is your place. A bit of a hike for those BC students who want to stay near campus, Who's is accessible by the B, C and D line. Unfortunately when asked about why they love this bar, no BC students would come forward to say why. Maybe they are just afraid their words could come back to hurt the management.