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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (4) White Horse Vs. (13) Common Ground

Via Ryan Harvey Flicker
Via Ryan Harvey Flicker

First round competition continues today with the 4 vs. 13 matchup between White Horse and Common Ground. Voting is still open in the #3 and #14 matchup between Golden Temple and Mary Ann's. Complete tournament bracket is here.

#4 White Horse

For me, nothing beats White Horse. When I was a student at BC I would go to White Horse almost every weekend. Great food, good beer and probably my favorite Brighton-Allston bar to watch a game. Much like Cityside it's open air, which during the summer months is great. They have pool, arcade games and hundreds of televisions. Reader Joanna (BC '04) gives you her perspective:

"Set in a quaint neighborhood in Boston this locale distinguishes itself from the many places that surround it, despite their common cuisine. This Italian eatery has walls draped in vine and…oh wait…I’m supposed to be writing about White Horse. This college student frequented tavern located in a lively section of Allston. It’s always been a favorite of mine; it’s fun for a night out with the girls and has plenty to offer guys as well, all with no cover charge. My favorite memory of White Horse was watching the New England Patriots capture the 2004 Superbowl championship. The night was full of fabulous nachos, flowing beer, and plenty of television screens, making this venue a great spot to watch any game. You get more than what you paid for with the food and the steak tips are a top pick of mine. This casual tavern is good for students and alums alike. Hey, if I lived closer I would continue to frequent this place regularly."

#13 Common Ground

Located right down the street from the White Horse, Common Ground is a unique bar. They have much of the same features most other bars have, the TVs, good beer selection and food. But that is where the similarities end. We let Mass Hysteria Sports co-blogger SmartyBarrett weigh in on Common Ground here:

"If you're looking for one reason why Common Ground is awesome, I have just two words for you: 90's Night. Just imagine putting a few back and reminiscing about being an awkward teen while rocking out to some Ace of Base or Bel Biv Devoe. And the best part is Common Ground does this almost every Friday night. Sure I probably would get sick of it if I went every Friday, and sometimes the hipsters can be a bit much, but I think it's still a blast. And maybe it's just me, but I need to get a buzz on and rap along to Miami by Will Smith every once in a while. Don't judge me."

Polls close next Monday. Vote now.