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Everything To Prove: Golf Helped Mark Herzlich Make It Through Chemo

One of the many things about the NFL lockout that has sucked has been not knowing the future of Mark Herzlich. In April we all watched in horror as Herzlich went undrafted after no teams gave him a chance. He was later drafted by the UFL, but declined his invite to play for the Omaha Nighthawks.

So what has he been up to? From the looks of it, he's been lifting weights, keeping himself in crazy good shape, hanging out with his very pretty girlfriend and playing golf.  

Gatorade has been following Mark's journey into the NFL at their Performances Labs, and honestly, it's worth a watch. There are some flashbacks to his chemo (which always makes me tear up), his training regiment and even discuss some nutritional advice he got from Matt Ryan. We learn that even during the difficult chemo sessions, Mark wanted to work out and that golf was the only thing his doctors would let him do.

Mark looks like he is in great shape and is doing and saying all the right things. I really hope this lockout ends soon so Mark can find a home in the NFL. As one of the trainer says "Anybody who gets Mark in their training camp is going to have an outstanding football player." Couldn't agree more.

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