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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (3) Mary Ann's Vs. (14) Golden Temple

via <a href="" target="new">David Salafia's flickr </a>
via David Salafia's flickr

First round competition continues today with the 3 vs. 14 matchup between Mary Ann's and Golden Temple. Voting is still open in the #8 vs. #9 matchup between City Side and Joshua Tree. Complete tournament bracket is here.

(3) Mary Ann's

Maybe the most iconic undergraduate bar and one that goes hand in hand with Boston College drinking. The self described "Worst Bar in Boston" is home to cheap beers and great times with friends. MA's close proximity to campus makes it one of BC's best. But do alumni and graduate students actually go there? Some do, but for the most part when you leave BC, your time at Mary Ann's is complete. No food, not a great place to watch a game at all, and the bathrooms are vile to say the least. I can't do Mary Ann's justice, so let @Bksweeney1 a recent graduate do it:

"Ok, what makes me love MAs? Maybe it's the $1.75 Busch Light drafts and the $2.50 G&T's. Maybe it's the jukebox, Hoops Mania and Big Buck Hunter. Maybe it's the free round of shots given to the loser of weekly trivia, or the fact that they settle ties with a chug-off. Maybe it's recognizing every face in the crowd when you walk in. Whatever it is, not that particular stench of the windowless, crowded bar, the graffiti covering the smallest bathrooms in existense or the ridiculously long lines could ever keep me away from the "Worst Bar in Boston."

(14) The Golden Temple

A BC alumni and friend of mine told me that I just had to put Golden Temple in this tournament. She said that when she was at BC, she and her friends would go there, split a Scorpion Bowl and dance the night away. Have I ever been there? Sure, I went there twice, but only for dinner -- which was phenomenal by the way -- so it's hard for me to do this place justice. Dancing is just not my thing. It's easy to get to, right off the C line and it's open until 2am, which is always a plus for those of us that like to get that extra hour of partying in. The Golden Temple doesn't strike me as a place that you would ever go to watch a game, but for some alumni this is a great secret gem.

Polls in this matchup will close next Friday.