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2011 NBA Draft: Which NBA Team Will Draft Reggie Jackson?

With the NBA Draft nearly upon us, most around the Boston College community will be eagerly waiting to hear Reggie Jackson's name called. We know that he will be drafted Thursday night, but when and where will he be headed? This draft has been particularly difficult to project, but here's my best guesses at the top five destinations that BC's own could be headed (no particular order).


1. Miami Heat -- This is the big one. Reggie has been canceling workouts with teams in recent weeks without a particular injury being cited. In the past, this has pointed to the idea of some team having made a promise to the player at a particular point in the draft. Earlier this week, many people speculated that Jackson canceling his workouts with teams was his way of assuring that he would fall to the Heat with the 31st pick in the draft. I'm not so sure that he will fall this far anyway, but it has been the most talked about destination for Reggie.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder -- The Thunder are picking with the 24th pick in the draft and I recently did a whole conversation for Welcome To Loud City. Read that for more about Reggie going to OKC, but I think it is a definite possibility that the Thunder will draft him as a backup point guard for Russell Westbrook.

3. New Jersey Nets -- The general range that fans should be looking for Reggie to be drafted is in 22-27. The Nets have the 27th pick in the draft and would definitely consider taking Reggie as a backup for Deron Williams. There are several PGs that could be drafted in this range, including from Kansas and Norris Cole from Cleveland State. Depending on who is left on the board when it is the Nets turn to draft, Jackson may be their guy.

4. Chicago Bulls -- This is another team that is looking for a backup point guard. Derrick Rose is obviously the star in Chicago, but they could definitely use some offense for their second unit. The Bulls showed in the playoffs that their offense comes to a screeching halt when Rose goes to the bench. Reggie Jackson offers the explosive, instant offense that the Bulls desperately need. Chicago has two picks at the tail end of the 1st round at 28 and 30. Don't be surprised if the Bulls grab Jackson one pick before the Heat can take him at 31.

5. Portland Trail Blazers -- The point guard situation in Portland is a little bit up in the air at this point. Andre Miller is as steady as they come, but he's getting quite old and they may be ready to move on. Reggie Jackson might have a chance to start if he goes to Portland, but more than likely he will be the backup to Miller or whoever the Trailblazers acquire.


The NBA Draft is a little bit like the NCAA Tournament in that it is nearly impossible to predict correctly, but regardless of where Reggie ends up going, it will be exciting for BC fans. We've gotten used to seeing Reggie lighting up the scoreboard at Conte Forum and just a few hours from now he will be moving on to the NBA. What do you think; where does Reggie fit best?

PS: There is essentially a 0% chance that the Celtics draft him. Just throwing that out there.