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2011 NBA Draft Open Thread: Reggie Jackson Draft Watch

The 2011 NBA Draft gets underway tonight starting at 7pm. Coverage will be aired live on ESPN and ESPN3.

Boston College's Reggie Jackson is expected to be picked in the first round tonight. And even if he doesn't, we'll still probably hear his name called tonight. Unlike the NFL and MLB Drafts, the NBA knocks its draft out all in one night.

Conrad thinks Jackson's most likely destinations are the Miami Heat (31st overall), Oklahoma City Thunder (24th), New Jersey Nets (27th), Chicago Bulls (28 or 30) or the Portland Trail Blazers (at #21). The local Boston Celtics hold the 26th overall pick in the Draft, but the C's scooping up Jackson seems a bit unlikely.

Leave your thoughts on the 2011 NBA Draft below. Best of luck to Reggie tonight.