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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Introducing "The 12 Pack"

The 12 Pack
The 12 Pack

So we had to give this fake conference a name, and we weren't exactly enamored with Black Heart Gold Pants suggestion "Texas' Home For At Most The Next Three Years." So with the help of our founding members Texas (Burnt Orange NationBarking Carnival), Georgia (Dawg Sports) and U.C.L.A. (Bruins Nation), we came up with The 12 Pack Conference.

Why the 12 Pack Conference? Well for one thing, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was already taken. So we went with The 12 Pack because it is mildly suggests one of our favorite pastimes -- beer drinking -- and we have absolutely no plans of expanding beyond 12 programs. Behold our conference logo that is 50x better than the new Mountain West logo!

Some fun facts about The 12 Pack:

-- The University of Texas was the most profitable program in the country last year, making more than $68 million in profits. Second on that list? The University of Georgia's football program who cleared over $52 mil in 2009-10.

-- Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, Georgia's Sanford Stadium and the Rose Bowl are the sixth, eighth and ninth largest football stadiums in Division I.

-- The three schools deliver four of the nation's top 10 TV markets, including Los Angeles (2nd), Dallas (5th), Atlanta (8th) and Houston (10th). And not in a "Rutgers delivers the NYC market" or "Virginia Tech delivers the Washington D.C. market" kind of way. Now before you start arguing that no one cares about U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles, it's not about viewership. It's about TV households. Think BTN model, but replace the BTN with the Longhorn Network which we will repurpose to show all The 12 Pack Conference games.

-- The first three members of The 12 Pack have combined to win 181 NCAA National Championships -- 107 (U.C.L.A.), 48 (Texas) and 26 (Georgia).

-- U.C.L.A. (25), Texas (45) and Georgia (56) all rank as some of the best BCS schools in the country in terms of academics.

Draft reactions from our founding members:

SB Nation Conference Re-draft: Round 3 Complete (Barking Carnival)
"It's hard not to like the way things are shaping up for our conference, anchored by Texas, Georgia, and UCLA. All three are large state universities that generate high revenues, anchor big media markets, cover all three time zones, and serve up delicious booty. With UCLA you're also getting 11 NCAA titles in basketball and more team titles than any other school (107).

Our primary competition appears to be Team Speek Kills, who drafted Alabama, Oklahoma, and Nebraska with it's first three picks. All football powerhouses but the conference falls well short in academics, hot tang factor, media markets, and secondary sports like basketball."

SBN Conference Re-Draft: Texas Headlines "The 12 Pack" (Burnt Orange Nation)
"Fortunately for us, the University of Georgia was available as the last pick of the second round, and we followed that up by grabbing UCLA with the first pick of the third round. We settled on a conference name of The Twelve Pack.

With Texas, Georgia, and UCLA, we arguably have the three top schools for our criteria. Florida would be the other top school that fits our criteria, of course, but they were drafted No. 2 overall."

SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Update: UCLA Joins Georgia and Texas in New League (Dawg Sports)
"The third round is underway, and our conference has selected the UCLA Bruins. Despite being spread out across the North American continent, the league delivers three of the top eight media markets (Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles), and any conference that includes Georgia, Texas, and UCLA boasts strong academics, solid athletics across the board, and some of the best-looking co-eds in the land."

U.C.L.A. Gets More Respect in SBN Conference Re-Draft than from Morgan Center (Bruins Nation)
"In short, we are getting more respect from Boston College, other east coast schools, and the SBN blogs than we are from our own athletic department. I frequently complain about the east coast bias in American sports, where coverage and hype for a school are directly related to the school's distance from Bristol, CT. But here is a spokesman of sorts from a school a mere 118 miles from Bristol seeing the advantages of U.C.L.A. 2,900 miles away. This speaks to how other schools and college-wise people view the attributes at U.C.L.A., and speaks to the failures of our current Morgan Center admin in capitalizing on those attributes."