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Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: (8) Big City Vs. (9) Joshua Tree

via Ctodover Flickr
via Ctodover Flickr

First Round Competition begins with the 8 vs. 9 matchup between 8th seeded Big City and 9th seeded Joshua Tree. Complete tournament bracket here.

(8) Big City

A fantastic bar for those of us that are connoisseur's of beer with over 80 beers on tap. If you are feeling adventurous you can try the Dogfish Head World Stout, an 18% alcohol beer, that is not only dark and delicious, but is also $13 a beer. For those of you that want the college feel, they do have Coors Light here, but beware the bartenders may snicker at you. A sister bar of the Sunset Grille and Sunset Cantina, Big City is located right off Harvard Stop on the B line in Allston. Big City features food, along with a variety of pizzas. Not the best place to watch a game, as TV's are hard to see in certain angles of the bar, and the Pool room only had a few TV's. The bar can be very crowded at times, and hard to move around in. Big City does have trivia two days a week, and cool food & beer deals for those of us that are balling on a budget.

(9) Joshua Tree

For many of us, we remember it as Tonic, the Met Bar. The website looks promising, as they advertise tons of television and sports, plus Boston College athletics is mentioned on their site as well. Easily accessible by the T, and open until 2am. Similar style to the previous incarnation: lots of TV's, DJ's and other cool events. If you hit on the right day you can get some great deals such as 25 cent wings, and two dollar drafts. I was always a fan of Tonic/Joshua Tree even though it wasn't a real sports bar. It wasn't stuffy and it was a great middle ground that would keep the girls happy while you watched a football game or the Red Sox. On the other hand, the downstairs is hell on earth. Every meathead attending the surrounding schools bathes in cheap cologne, spikes their hair and wears their polo shirts to drink their jagerbombs and grind on any girl with a pulse.

Vote now. The polls will be open for a week.