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Unveiling The BC Interruption Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Bracket


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Here it is folks ... the official bracket to the contest you all wanted to happen. What bar do BC fans consider their ultimate place to hang out, drink and have a good time? If you forgot the criteria for making your decision, here it is again:

1. Ambiance -- Is it so loud that you can't have a conversation? Flat Screens? Are seats easy to find?  Is it overrun with BU fans? Are BC games even shown here?
2. Affordability -- How much does it cost for a plate of nachos? Are beers $8 a pop?
3. Special Events/Niche -- Karaoke, Trivia nights, wing specials, extensive beer selection, DJ?
4. Accessibility -- Near the T or BC bus or do you have to get a cab to get here?
5. Food/Beer Selection -- What do they have for drinks? Will you be stuck drinking Coors Light all night? How is the food?

Use that as a guide. Or just completely ignore it and choose the bar you like the best. I don't care. This is all about fun. Speaking of, I would like to include your stories in each of the matchups. If you would like to volunteer 5-6 sentences about why that bar is great or have a personal story about the bar, drop me an email at (Sorry folks Mary Ann's, Roggies and Cityside have already been snagged). 

So what do you think of the matchups. See any upsets brewing? Go ahead, print out the bracket, and start an office pool, gambling is always frowned upon embraced here at BCI. I hear already has heavy action on Mary Ann's. The first matchup comes out tomorrow, and 2-3 will come out every week, so make sure you check back often for updates!