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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Third Round Complete

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The third round of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft is now in the books. Here is where we stand after three rounds (first and second round results in parenthesis):

-- Us: UCLA (Texas, Georgia)
-- Black Heart Gold Pants: Virginia Tech (Florida, Penn State)
-- Team Speed Kills: Nebraska (Alabama, Oklahoma)
-- Big East Coast Bias: Louisville (Ohio State, Florida State)
-- House of Sparky: Oregon (USC, Notre Dame)
-- Red Cup Rebellion: North Carolina (LSU, Michigan)

At least one fellow conference commissioner has taken notice of what we're trying to build (which makes us feel all warm 'n fuzzy inside):

"Just looking at these results, I like BCI's conference and our conference the best. From a pure football standpoint, I think ours wins. Looking at overall programs, BCI's is a bit better, but some of that comes from having better drafting position than we did."

My only counter here is that while we did benefit from having the #1 overall pick, the snake draft format limited our options in round 2. We were obviously helped by the fact that programs like Florida State, Oklahoma and LSU came off the board early, paving the way for our second round selection of Georgia.

Other general comments: I like what TSK has done with the place, but that is one terrible hoops conference. My guess is after building a really solid foundation with three football schools at the top, TSK will go after a basketball school in round four (Kentucky? Kansas?). None of the other conferences particularly stand out to me, with BECB's pick of Louisville seeming like a huge reach. I get that L'ville hoops is quite profitable, but the Cardinals would have been still on the board in round 4 and possibly still available in rounds 5-7. There were plenty of other more recognizable hoops programs still on the board at the time -- including North Carolina -- and Louisville is only a few years removed from Conference USA football.

Anyway, it's on to round four with Red Cup Rebellion on the clock. A few of the programs high on our Draft Big Board are still out there, so we'll definitely keep an eye on them. But considering which schools are left, do any stick out as much grabs in round 4? It's looking like our next picks at 24 and 25 will be the last chance to grab a couple rainmakers, before we have to argue the merits of taking mid-sized State University X over State University Y. Let's hear your thoughts in the comments section.