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A Little Mascot-on-Mascot Violence To Spice Things Up A Bit?

In his latest post in his "What I Love" series, Football Study Hall's Bill Connelly loves him some mascot-on-mascot violence. I've gotta say, I tend to agree with him. I mean is there anything better than when two mascots get into it and throw down?


See also the gold standard of mascot beatdowns:

It goes without saying that there's very little excitement surrounding this year's Boston College Eagles football program. The home schedule stinks, ticket sales are extremely soft and Spaz is doing his best to lower expectations in the press. We need to spice things up a bit here to get people talking BC football.

Under the argument that no press is bad press, I'd love to see Baldwin get into a bit with one of BC's 2011 football opponents' mascots. It would get people talking about the program. So I was thinking, who would I love to see Baldwin ruffle his feathers against?

1. The Blue Devil (Duke) -- Let's start things off easy for Baldwin. The Blue Devil looks like a lot of things, but a fierce devil is not one of them. Plus, I think our fan base would love to see Duke getting taken down a notch by Baldwin.

2. The Fighting Irish Leprechaun (Notre Dame) -- Creepy, weird and just plain annoying. Growing up in Boston as a Celtics fan I was exposed to Lucky the Leprechaun, who I hate equally as much as the ND mascot. Can we also talk about how this is about as racist as the all of the Native American mascots that exist in sports? Oh look, a horrible representation of the Irish, *BAM* sucker punch from Baldwin.

3. Sam the Minuteman (UMass) -- There is room for only one football mascot in this state and Baldwin has dibs on that.  UMass may be making the jump to Division I-A football but mascot pride is something Baldwin takes very seriously. Hierarchy is at stake here and Baldwin is going to need to make sure Sam the Minuteman KNOWS HIS ROLE AND SHUTS HIS MOUTH.

4. Knightro (UCF) -- He appears to be some sort of medieval cyber, super robot who knows how to party. This may turn into a Rocky vs. Apollo Creed type fight, as it appears Knightro is no joke. But what better way to break in Bright House Networks stadium than a beatdown of their acid-trip inspired mascot.

5. Baldwin Jr. (Boston College) -- Baldwin's bigger, slower, mentally challenged brother. Jr. bounces around at Alumni Stadium every game, with his bounce on his head routine (thus explaining his apparent brain damage). Annoying as all hell, Jr. needs to be put out of commission soon and who better to do it than the REAL mascot for Boston College.

Are there any other 2011 BC opponent mascots you would want to see brawl with Baldwin?