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Dienhart's Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Rivalry

In his most recent weekly "Three and Out" post, Tom Dienhart is inspired by Pitt and Penn State renewing their Keystone State rivalry on the gridiron, and wants more cowbell rivalry:

"Let's not stop there. Here are some other games I'd like to see on an annual basis - or at least a few times a decade: Nebraska-Oklahoma; Maryland-West Virginia; UCF-USF; Texas-TCU; Florida-Miami; Clemson-Georgia; Arkansas-Texas; Boise State-Oregon; BYU-Notre Dame; Indiana-Kentucky; Boston College-Connecticut; North Carolina-South Carolina; Cincinnati-Ohio State; LSU-Texas A&M; Illinois-Missouri; Marshall-West Virginia; and East Carolina-North Carolina."

Let's take these one-by-one. Nebraska-Oklahoma (sure), Maryland-West Virginia (why not?), UCF-USF (awesome, gets the Knights fans off our back), Texas-TCU (Uhh, OK?), Florida-Miami (maybe), Clemson-Georgia (no), Arkansas-Texas (OK), Boise State-Oregon (huh?), BYU-Notre Dame (no), Indiana-Kentucky (who cares), Boston College-Connecticut (1000x no!), North Carolina-South Carolina (no), Cincinnati-Ohio State (yes), LSU-Texas A&M (ehh), Illinois-Missouri (yes), Marshall-West Virginia (yes, couch burners gotta stick together), East Carolina-North Carolina (no).

As for the noes, Clemson's SEC rival will always be South Carolina, not Georgia. Same reason for North Carolina-South Carolina. East Carolina-North Carolina? Let's not encourage Pirates fans and give certain North Carolina newspaper writers any extra fodder. BYU-Notre Dame? I'm assuming if you asked Notre Dame fans, BYU would fall somewhere between 23 and 24 on the Irish's rival list. And as for BC-UConn, well, most of you already know my stance on the matter

Though if you flipped BYU and UConn and proposed rivalries between BYU-Boston College and Notre Dame-Connecticut, I think you would be on to something there. I always thought the 2005-2006 BC vs. BYU home-and-home series was a really good one and would love to see the newly independent Cougars football program on a future schedule. Plus, isn't Notre Dame contractually obligated to push around 2-3 Big East programs each year?