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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Rounds 1 and 2 Results

The first two rounds of the SB Nation Conference Re-Draft are now complete with results posted over at Cowboys Ride For Free. Head on over to Cowboys RFF for the complete list of results.

Your fearless commissioner drafted Texas with the #1 overall pick in the draft, and followed that up by selecting the University of Georgia with pick number 12. Here is how the conferences look after two rounds:

BC Interruption: Texas, Georgia
Black Heart Gold Pants: Florida, Penn State
Team Speed Kills: Alabama, Oklahoma
Big East Coast Bias: Ohio State, Florida State
House of Sparky: USC, Notre Dame
Red Cup Rebellion: LSU, Michigan

We have the first pick in the third round, so who should we take? Programs such as Auburn, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Oregon, UCLA, Michigan State and Nebraska (and of course, Boston College) are all still on the board.

Now that the results are in, we want to get your take on the first two rounds. How would you grade our first two selections in the draft? Keep in mind we have a very defined strategy as to how we want to build this conference, but don't want to necessarily let the cat out of the bag as the draft is still in progress.

As a note, there will be a slight format change for the rest of the draft. From now on we will just be picking at will and reporting the results as often as we want. The method of drafting proved to be much quicker and easier than we anticipated so we should be able to get through this whole thing in the next few weeks. So we'll be making our third round selection most likely by end of day today.

Finally, be sure to head on over to Burnt Orange Nation, Barking Carnival and Dawg Sports and welcome the newest member of the "Conference to be named Shortly" Conference.