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Spaziani, Master Of Lowering Expectations

Brian: In Mark Blaudschun's latest Boston Globe article about Boston College and ACC expansion, Spaz talked about the struggles that the BC football team may have going forward. While he continues to build the program, are there really choppy waters ahead?

"When we came into the ACC, Florida State and Miami were in down cycles,'' said Spaziani. "Now they're both on the up cycle. It's not going to be easy."

First, while Florida State appears back on the upswing, the Seminoles haven't won anything just yet. Last I checked Virginia Tech was still the reigning ACC champ. Second, Miami is breaking in a first-year head coach in Al Golden, and the Canes still haven't even been to one ACC Championship Game. Is Spaz saying that he's not as good a coach as Al Golden? Jimbo Fisher? Finally, Miami is on the other side of the division. Due to the ACC's unbalanced schedule, BC plays Miami four out of every 10 years. Other than the possibility of an ACC Championship Game matchup with Miami, the Hurricanes aren't really standing in the way of BC's yearly goal (win the Atlantic and compete for the ACC title).

In a year when football is struggling mightily to sell tickets, how can Spaz's comments and his lowering of expectations on the Heights be good in any shape or form? Do you see any merit in these comments, or are you as confused and frustrated with Spaz and his approach to the media as I am?

Jeff: I am fine with his comment. Florida State and Miami are commonly lumped together and will be considered the class of the ACC until someone else starts winning multiple National Championships in football. Frankly, I don't see anyone from the league doing that anytime soon. Is Miami really going to stand in our way? No. Miami is in the other division so BC doesn't play them often and losses against Coastal Divisions teams don't have too much effect on the outcome of the Atlantic Division title race in most seasons. His comment may or may not be correct in that both teams are back on the up slope. Miami is the more questionable one there. Florida State did at least return to the ACC Championship Game last season for the first time since its inaugural edition in 2005. So as it pertains to Florida State, Spaz is correct in that they accomplished more last season than they had since 2005 which was still only an eight win season for them.

Now winning the ACC -- which is BC's goal each season -- is never easy. Spaz is not Jags. Jags would be saying right now that he feels we have as good a shot as anyone. I did like Jags more as a coach and he did sell more tickets. But knowing that Spaz is going to be more humble, I have no problem with him saying this. Next offseason he might remark that we have a tougher Coastal Division schedule or that N.C. State, Clemson, Florida State and Maryland are all ranked or getting votes in the preseason polls. Who knows what it will be right now but I promise it will be something.

I also guarantee that the people considering buying tickets are not reading these quotes anyway. The people reading these quotes have tickets already or have no intention of getting tickets regardless. Spaz isn't selling as many tickets because he's a promoted long-time coordinator who isn't putting out as good of a product as the guy who won the Atlantic Division in consecutive seasons.