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BC Interruption's Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament: The Play-In Round

via <a href="">rebuildingsince92 Flickr</a>
via rebuildingsince92 Flickr

Here at BCI we like to throw a wrinkle into our challenges. Keeps you the readers on your toes. So when we created the Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament, you all came up with quite the extensive list of bars that weren't included in the original list. So to honor your input, we have decided to allow you to select the 16th and final bar.

To make this interesting, we are going mimic the NCAA play-in game format but with an added twist. Instead of two bars playing for one slot, we are going to have ten battle it out for one. So without further ado, here are the play-in contestants:

Cask N Flagon -- One of the best places in Boston to watch a game, great food, beer is kind of expensive. Filled with tons of Red Sox fans from April-October, which can be a positive/negative depending on where you grew up.

Green Briar -- A touch of Ireland located in the middle of Brighton. For those BC student's who want a cold Guinness, and watch a Premiere League soccer game, this is the place to go. Kind of a pain in the ass to get to, not T accessible.

Harper's Ferry -- Very cool place to see some underground music acts. Has some TV's watch games, but emphasis really is on the music here.

Jillian's -- Located near Fenway Park, you could have a seizure with all the televisions they have going at once. You can bowl, play darts, or play pool. Very different place to catch up with friends, but it's expensive.

Last Drop -- Right off of Lake St. in Oak Square in Brighton, the Last Drop is a fantastic dive bar that many students at BC may not be aware of. Open late, they have flat screens, no food, but it's cheap.

Tequila Rain -- I'm only throwing this on here because BCRaj requested it. I personally have never been in this place, and will die happily knowing I never stepped foot in it. Long lines, clubby atmosphere, loud music, and near BU. Vote for this place if you must.

The Fours -- Located near TD North Garden, The Fours is a great place to watch a game. It's a bit of a hike to get to, but BC students swear by it.

The Kells -- Even though they closed two years ago, the Kells was THE bar for many BC students. Sketchy as hell, filled with creepy skeezy dudes from the surrounding areas, many of us have had friends felt up here.

Wonderbar -- Right off Harvard Street, Wonderbar is a chic bar, not a very rowdy place with a dress code (ugh), expensive drinks, and jazz music. But games are shown here, so it makes the list.

Who's On First -- A very popular bar for BC students, many of whom had their first beer here. They have a certain reputation, which I'm not going to get into here, but if you went to BC you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So what bar do you want to see make it in? Only one will make it to the next round, and unlike the Presidential Election, your vote counts! Voting ends Friday, so make sure your voice is heard.