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Doug Flutie, College Football Head Coach?

Doug Flutie has kept a relatively low profile since he retired from professional football in 2005. Other than showing up sporadically on campus, Flutie's biggest post-playing day accomplishment is playing drum for the "Flutie Brothers Band" and his charitable work for autism. He had a brief stint on ESPN/ABC, but was mostly panned by bloggers, critics, and me, who all found him hard to listen to. Coaching always seemed like a logical career move for Flutie, but at 46 years of age, it doesn't appear that he is ready to do that just yet.

Florida Tech, a school that I'm sure 99 percent of us have never heard of -- but the Big East is probably considering for a football only membership -- is starting a football program in 2013, and had their eye on Flutie as their inaugural head coach. At first glance it would seem like a smart move, he would immediately give the school attention, and a coach with name recognition, which could help their initial recruiting efforts. But it seems the courting was not reciprocated. Flutie declined the offer, but it seems like he could have been swayed if he was allowed to put his brothers Bill and Darren on his staff. 

Even with the Flutie brand, hiring someone to run a program with absolutely no coaching or recruiting experience seems like a pretty desperate move. Wouldn't it make more sense for FIT to go out and get a young coach? Someone who actually knows how to run a college program? Bringing in a guy who has never ran a defense, put together game plans, or evaluated talent seems very short sighted.

For Flutie though, if he wants a career in coaching he is going to have to start somewhere in a position that is not a Head Coach position. He's going to have to start as a coordinator somewhere, learn the ins and outs of college coaching, and move on up from there. What kind of team would take him on? BC seems pretty set in all their offensive coaching positions. Would UConn or *gulp* UMass try to make a stir and bring the BC legend to their campus?