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The Importance Of The UCF Game And The Big Finish

Wrapping up UCF Week ...

Brian: The Eagles travel to Orlando in week 2 of the college football season. Depending on what happens in the Northwestern game, BC's game with UCF could be a critical matchup for the Eagles if this team has any hope of making some noise this season. A loss to UCF, combined with a loss to Northwestern in week 1 might derail a relatively young Eagles team for the rest of the season. However, an early win on the road could be a huge boost to the Eagles' confidence and BC could rattle off three more home wins before hitting the road to face Clemson in early October.

Even though non-conference games don't have as big of an impact on BC's season-ending goals -- winning the ACC and playing in the Orange Bowl -- this game against UCF seems like it's in a pretty important spot on the schedule. How important is this game to the Eagles' hopes in 2011, and your way too early assessment on how this game will go down?

Jeff: The UCF game is a must win for the Eagles. UCF graduated a lot of seniors and lost coaches after last season which resulted in a win over Georgia in a low scoring bowl game. BC can lose the opener to Northwestern and the fans can keep some hope that BC will still contend for the ACC's Atlantic Division. However, if BC loses to UCF, who is not even a strong favorite to win their division of C-USA this season, BC fans will start talking about bowl eligibility instead of a trip to Charlotte (and rightfully so).

Now I know there are about as many UCF fans reading this week as there are BC fans so let me first say that losing to UCF on the road might not be a bad loss in 2011. But if we do lose to UCF, how can we honestly expect the team to beat Clemson, Maryland, Virginia Tech, or Miami on the road? None of these teams are likely to be ranked below UCF this season or certainly not significantly. All of our road games this season are against top 50 teams in the nation and UCF fits in that category, but isn't as much of a threat to really make some noise in the top 25 as the other programs are.

Last season I attended the Southern Miss-South Carolina game to start the season. Southern Miss got blown out. South Carolina went on to an SEC Championship appearance where they got blown out while South Carolina beat UCF in Orlando en route to a second place finish in their division behind UCF.

N.C. State played at UCF last season and won. N.C. State went on and was one win away from winning the ACC's Atlantic Division. N.C. State and South Carolina had very good seasons, but not great for BCS programs. If we want to compete in the ACC, the expectation is to beat UCF home or away.


Big Finish

Brian: Reggie Jackson has cancelled all his remaining NBA Draft workouts according to ESPN's Chad Ford. Any cause for concern?

Jeff: Sounds like concern to me but others are saying it means the Celtics or Nets are drafting him.


Jeff: Did you know that there is a BC guy in the WWE?

Brian: I didn't. Had no idea, really. Is he any good?


Brian: HD ranks Chase Rettig as only the 9th best quarterback in the ACC. You agree? 

Jeff: Sounded low but I can't argue with anyone in front of him except the unproven Renner of UNC and Thomas of Virginia Tech.


Jeff: Eleven UNC players reportedly ran up $13,185 in parking tickets. How many people would it take to run up a similar bill with BCPD?

Brian: A lot. That is ridiculous, and sounds like it's just the beginning for North Carolina.


Brian: Four-star QB recruit Chad Kelly, nephew of the great Jim Kelly, has commited to Clemson. This is fitting since Clemson has been the Buffalo Bills in recent years (can't win the big one), right?

Jeff: That's good. Very true.


Jeff: Since it is UCF week and I'll give the real prediction before the game, you give me a way too early prediction now. What's the final score?

Brian: 20-10 Boston College.


Brian: Last one. Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson isn't ready to crown Florida State as this year's ACC champs just yet. You loving this quote like I am?

Jeff: I'm surprised the comment is being played down so much in the article, but I do like it.